Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Green Party of New Zealand

Your a disgrace Jeanette Fitzsimons, a once proud woman, who stood up for people's right's regardless of Gender/religion or race, someone all kiwis could look too, has showed her real side. I feel quite ill to my stomach, this is beyond repugnant.

You see, there is state sponsored bigotry and sexism happening in our schools, the Green Party has been informed and wont do anything about it, in fact Jeanette supports this action. I hate any form of hatred and I dont think one can use what your culture or religion is as an excuse.

Over in the USA, people stood us to sick behavior and laws, when Rose Parks was asked to sit in the back of a bus, she didn't, even though, White Southern America, said "Hey its our culture", the government saw it was wrong, and changed the law"

When Muslim immigrants still wanted the right to beat up on their wifes, western governments said, that is wrong, you cant use your religion to justify that behavior. Yet, when a young girl of eleven years old was told, that her and all female classmates had to shut up and sit in the back, that is apparently okay according to the green party. This was a state school visit to a Maree, and the female were told they couldn't talk and had to sit at the back.

This eleven year old girl is a visitor to this country, and felt quite ill to her stomach. What kind of message is this sending this to young girls? but the Greenies support it. Can you imagine any school trip anyway else in New Zealand where the Maori students are told to shut up and sit in the back, The Greens would be outraged, but in this case they shut up and say, because its a culture issue apparently.

Can you imagine, if the US Government said "Its the southern culture we wont intervene" in the Rosa Parks case or the government saying "Muslim men can still beat up their wifes, its their religion"

Well this is the same thing, just because its a culture, doesn't make it right, and what makes it worse, the government is supporting it, they are supporting a behavior that says "Hey girls, shut ya mouth, and sit in the back, a man is about to talk"

Our so called , supporters of people's freedom's, the party that is against Bigotry and sexism wont say a thing, they are hypocrites to the highest degree, they are disgraceful as politicians and disgraceful as human beings.

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