Monday, August 18, 2008

Daniel's Doodle Stops Potter Movie

So Warner Bros, says theres a slot open for next summer's blockbuster and that is the reason why, they have delayed the release of the new Harry Potter movie, they are saying they want this movie to start off the season and other WB's will follow thus giving the studio a grand summer in 2009.

Well all that is BS, the real reason is Daniel's doodle. You see Mr Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe will be moving on to Broadway with his stage play in November, the same time the latest Potter movie was going to be released.

This would normally not be a problem, but you see, Mr Radcliffe is going to be butt naked on stage, and he will heavily promoting it, and Daniel's doodle is too much for WB to handle.

Hollywood studios need their young teen actors to be clean cut, pimple free, and always clothed.

Look what happened to Z grade actress Lindsay Lohan when she did Herbie, the studio thought that her breasts were to big for a PG movie, even though she was clothed, and digitally altered them for the movie, according to Michael Eisner, Disney actresses are family orientated and that means only having a C cup.

So here we are in a pathetic situation of the New Harry Potter movie being delayed for nine months because one of the actors is going naked in a stage play, even help us if a Emma Watson home video comes out, in fact heaven help us if a Haggard home video comes out.

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