Friday, August 29, 2008

Can someone explain why Metallica is popular?

I know among Heavy metal fans they are popular, but how come people who don't like Metal, love them. I have a mate who doesn't like the genre, but he has their CD's, he swears by this band, and they seem to have been around for decades, at the school I went to kids loved them, they couldn't believe me, I would rather listen to Billy Joel, than rock out to them.

I didn't think much about the band during high school, but in the early 90's, James Hetfield said to a reporter "WHATS A GARTH BROOKS?" in response to the reporting saying Metallica had been knocked out of the number one album spot on the Billboard top 200 by Garth Brooks.

That quote was used by Garth for the next couple of years, in interviews on tv, also on the print and radio media, and well the rest is history, so in some little way, Metallica has to take credit for the success of Garth.

That is my limit of knowledge of Metallica, so my question still remains, why are they popular?

Sean Marks signs with the Hornets

Sean Marks is surly the most underrated kiwi sports star ever. Here is a kiwi, playing in one of the most competitive sports leagues in the world, hes a veteran of the NBA, where millions of basketballers are trying to get a contract, and he has one. At his time with Spurs, he was a crowd favorite, with chants of "KIWI KIWI KIWI", can ya imagine any other NZ sports star being that popular in the the USA?

He has an NBA ring, he is one of our highest paid sports people in our history, probably only second to the great Ryan Nelson. This should be celebrated by the media and the public, and I only hope our media gives him the credit he deserves.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Green Party of New Zealand

Your a disgrace Jeanette Fitzsimons, a once proud woman, who stood up for people's right's regardless of Gender/religion or race, someone all kiwis could look too, has showed her real side. I feel quite ill to my stomach, this is beyond repugnant.

You see, there is state sponsored bigotry and sexism happening in our schools, the Green Party has been informed and wont do anything about it, in fact Jeanette supports this action. I hate any form of hatred and I dont think one can use what your culture or religion is as an excuse.

Over in the USA, people stood us to sick behavior and laws, when Rose Parks was asked to sit in the back of a bus, she didn't, even though, White Southern America, said "Hey its our culture", the government saw it was wrong, and changed the law"

When Muslim immigrants still wanted the right to beat up on their wifes, western governments said, that is wrong, you cant use your religion to justify that behavior. Yet, when a young girl of eleven years old was told, that her and all female classmates had to shut up and sit in the back, that is apparently okay according to the green party. This was a state school visit to a Maree, and the female were told they couldn't talk and had to sit at the back.

This eleven year old girl is a visitor to this country, and felt quite ill to her stomach. What kind of message is this sending this to young girls? but the Greenies support it. Can you imagine any school trip anyway else in New Zealand where the Maori students are told to shut up and sit in the back, The Greens would be outraged, but in this case they shut up and say, because its a culture issue apparently.

Can you imagine, if the US Government said "Its the southern culture we wont intervene" in the Rosa Parks case or the government saying "Muslim men can still beat up their wifes, its their religion"

Well this is the same thing, just because its a culture, doesn't make it right, and what makes it worse, the government is supporting it, they are supporting a behavior that says "Hey girls, shut ya mouth, and sit in the back, a man is about to talk"

Our so called , supporters of people's freedom's, the party that is against Bigotry and sexism wont say a thing, they are hypocrites to the highest degree, they are disgraceful as politicians and disgraceful as human beings.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The 2008 Olympics has Ended

What a wonderful Olympics.

New Zealand had its best Olympics in 20 years, with three gold and nine medals overall.

Great Britain became great again by winning a gazillion medals.

China topped the Gold Medal table, while the USA won most medals over all.

Two global superstars were created in Michael Phelps and Bolt.

The Redeem Team , took out Gold.

Nick Willis won Bronze for NZ in the 1500 metres, probably our most important medal of the games.

A German weightlifter inspired everybody, while a Cuban bought shame upon himself.

Lots and lots of happy moments.

A good time by all!

Bring on London 2012!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Joe Biden is Obama's Choice

He brings something to the ticket that is Obama's weak point, experience, he is serving his six term and is considered very moderate for a democrat. He is very tough on crime, having drafted the violent crime control and law enforcement act, according to the good people at Wiki.

His strong points are that he has no weak points, right wingers cannot call him soft on issues of terrorism, there has never been a scandal with him, basically he brings a balance and that is what Obama's needs, right wing radio will hate this choice because there is no mud you can throw at this decent man. He is respected across the board, with this choice, Obama has a chance in states like Ohio.

Let the convection begin!

Friday, August 22, 2008

April 2009

In April 2009, it will be 20 years ago, that Garth Brooks, the biggest selling solo artist in USA history, made his debut, and became the fastest artist ever to sell 100 million albums.

In 2001 he retired, only to come out for special charity concerts or releasing an Ultimate Hits package that covered the music and videos of his career. Garth it seems is enjoying his retirement, raising his three young daughters and wont considered coming out of retirement until his youngest daughter turns 18, that is six years away.

Fans should respect his wishes, and fans should wait and have patience for a new tour and album in 2014. In saying this, I hope he marks his career with something special in April 2009, it will be 20 years since he came on the music scene and changed country music forever.

A box set wont do it, A one off performance wont even do it, so what he can do? There wont be a new studio album without a full tour so that is out of the question, a good idea would be for Garth to write an autobiography of his career so far, words straight from Garth's mouth, surly it will rocket to the top of the New York times best seller list and it will keep the fans happy, so how about that for a idea?, then of course he will have to do a book signing! I think that will be a great way to mark 20 years as one of music's legends.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What ya talking about Willis?

He's talking about a Bronze medal. New Zealand's first medal on the track since John Walker in 1976. An amazing race, by an amazing man, he has just become a New Zealand hero, in such a global sport that is taken so seriously, this must be one of the biggest sporting achievements our country has ever done.

What a Olympics for New Zealand so far, Three Gold and nine medals overall, will there be more????

Monday, August 18, 2008

Daniel's Doodle Stops Potter Movie

So Warner Bros, says theres a slot open for next summer's blockbuster and that is the reason why, they have delayed the release of the new Harry Potter movie, they are saying they want this movie to start off the season and other WB's will follow thus giving the studio a grand summer in 2009.

Well all that is BS, the real reason is Daniel's doodle. You see Mr Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe will be moving on to Broadway with his stage play in November, the same time the latest Potter movie was going to be released.

This would normally not be a problem, but you see, Mr Radcliffe is going to be butt naked on stage, and he will heavily promoting it, and Daniel's doodle is too much for WB to handle.

Hollywood studios need their young teen actors to be clean cut, pimple free, and always clothed.

Look what happened to Z grade actress Lindsay Lohan when she did Herbie, the studio thought that her breasts were to big for a PG movie, even though she was clothed, and digitally altered them for the movie, according to Michael Eisner, Disney actresses are family orientated and that means only having a C cup.

So here we are in a pathetic situation of the New Harry Potter movie being delayed for nine months because one of the actors is going naked in a stage play, even help us if a Emma Watson home video comes out, in fact heaven help us if a Haggard home video comes out.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Music Behind The Man

Michael Phelps must the greatest sports person on the planet, his feats will probably never ever be overtaken. What makes him special is, he is an all round down to earth humble guy, there is no trying to be political, making a point about the suffering of the world.

He is without a doubt, the poster boy on what sports people should be, every advantage he uses to better himself, diet, training, watching hours and hours of video. What I also like about him, is that we have the same taste in music, why most sports people would try and stay cool and up to date to appeal to the MTV, Iphone crowd, Phelps is just honest, so he doesn't say, Britney or Blink 182, of Puff or Eminem.

No before a race, he listens to Garth Brooks, an American country singer, who songs are about being honest and true to yourself, and that is a great way to sum up Michael Phelps and Garth.

Both have had success in their fields that will never be match, while staying humble and nice, and ya cant ask for more than that.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

TVNZ's Olympic coverage

TVNZ's Olympic coverage has been a joke, I could write a whole war and peace novel because of it, but at the moment, I will just write what is happening now, at the moment, the New Zealand woman's basketball team is playing China to try and make the quater finals, yet TVNZ are showing synco men's diving, (perhaps they are trying to please Helen's Husband, now they have switch to white water rafting, no New Zealander cares about this.

What is worst is that this so called Host Peter Williams is not even giving out score updates, this is a disgrace, once again sports fans in NewZealand have been let down by Peter Williams and TVNZ.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Labour Party of NewZealand uses beneficiaries

Once again New Zealand's Prime Minister has shown that she will do anything to stay in power, by using the most vulnerable people in society, those on benefits. Earlier in the week, the National party came up with the idea of, having those on the DPB move into work base programmes and work training programmes, once their kids turn six to help them move out the poverty cycle, a brilliant idea teaching both the parents and the children to stand on their own two feet and not depend on the government.

Of course the worst Prime Minister in out history, turned this around and with the help of the very liberal media, made the National party out to be attacking those who need help. She has a reason for doing this, Labour is depending on people to stay on welfare and thus staying poor and thus voting Labour, this is her base, this what keeps her in power.

Pretty soon she will be visiting solo mothers, taking along the media, and telling them, that she wont make them work, she will look after them, and only she can do this.

Well this is beyond sick if ya ask me, shes trying to make herself out to be a saviour, yet her motive is too keep these people poor, its socialism 101.

People will fall for it also, they will think that this so called lady, is going to save them, where in fact she is keeping them down for her benefit. I don't think there has been a Prime Minister in our history that has caused so much suffering.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

He Did it

He did it, damn it he did it, not only did the late Heath Ledger, play, the joker perfectly, he rescued a franchise and will now surly get an Oscar for it. When Jack played the joker in the original movie, I thought he was amazing, but Jack's performance is now so forgettable, thanks to the dark, creepy performance by Heath, and some how I don't think it was all acting, he must of been in a dark place to come up with that performance.

He didn't seem to be in every scene, but you wanted him to be, he has now left the world with two brilliant performances that will see him go down in history as one of Hollywood's greats, too bad we will never seen him again.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Let The Olympics begin

My final predictions for this Olympics.

New Zealand to win four gold medals and 12 over all.
The USA to top the gold medal and overall table.
China to come in second.
Phelps to take out his eight gold medals.
World records galore on the track and in the pool.
The Tall Ferns to win a medal.
Australia to have a disappointingly Olympics.
A handful of political protests.
A good time by all.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Stupidity is not a crime

But double murder is.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

I really like the Harry Potter movies, they get better with each new movie. They got many things right, casting kids who are the age of the characters that they are playing is pure genius, if they had of gone the route that WB wanted, Harry Potter and Ron and Hermione, would now be played by actors in their mid 20's, but instead we have watch these young actors grow with their roles and they are believable, well as believable as a movie about wizards can be.

I have never read the books, I just wait for the movies, but for myself, the most interesting person has to be Snape, he plays the part, of not a good guy, or even a bad guy, and its up to the viewer to decide what camp he is in, everybody else falls into place quite easily, but not Snape.

So role on the sixth movie of this series. Its going to be fun, but also dark, everything a good movie should be.