Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mark Richardson the sterotype Bully

Mark Richardson must be the sterotype bully, his action in reporting Styris has put him into the class A category, here was a batsman, who only played for himself, didn't care what others said about him and cost NZ many test matches along the way, he has now become a very poor commentator, who tries to downplay any bad luck the Blackcaps have.

Scott Stryis had enough of this behavior and sent him a rather explicit text, How did Richardson handle this? Like a man? No he hadnle it like a bully, after making fun of so many players for so long, when the boot was on the other foot, he went straight to the teacher (Justin Vaughan) and complained, then had the nerve to write about it, complaining that the story got leaked.

Richardson, you failed as a cricketer, and you have failed as a commentator, you have done damage to Stryis's career, this is Bully type behavior, and hopefully one day the world will stand up to Bullies.

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