Monday, June 9, 2008

Why The Blackcaps Lost!

Why did the blackcaps lose the test series to England?

Was it because, we played poor in patches and weren't consistent?

Was it the duke ball for 2008?

Was it the English conditions?

Nope, it was the attitude of the players!

This attitude has been installed in the team ever since Hadlee retired.

The media picks an easy target in Braces and blames him, but thats too simple, but for the likes of Brendon Telfer and other Journos in this country its easy.

You see, there is something in the Blackcaps squad and some other NZ sports team that we need to get rid of.

Fulton showed it, early on this year, when England first played Canterbury on the first match of their tour of New Zealand, Mills showed it, during the 20/20 match.

While fielding these players just walked around the boundary without a care in the world.

There is a total lack of understanding what it means to be a professional sportsman.

We need to get rid of this number eight fencing wire mentality, we need to stop saying to ourselves, "Colin Meads worked on a farm" We need to embrace sport science like the top Footballers in Europe, the top sports people in Australia and America and Asia.

Every last detail, every advantage that you get, is of vital importance. But try telling that to the likes of the clowns we have in our sports media. When the Blackcaps ordered new uniforms, that gain them 3% more shine on the ball, (One of the only things they got right) the NZ media should of applauded, instead they scoffed and said "Whats the point?"

Do you think the Australian Swimmers would turn down the chance to have swim wear that gave them a 3% advantage? of course not. Or the top cyclists or sprinters turn down this also?

Our top cricketers have treated their time in the blackcaps, unlike any other sports people would, in their code.

This is a bunch of jackasses, whom when faced with playing Australia in a Test in Christchurch, decided not to warm up two hours before the start of play, like the Australian team, but throw a rugby ball around instead.

This is a bunch of players who for over a decade, have had Voluntary training sessions during a tour and decided instead of turning up for training they would go to the beach.

There is a reason Beckham/Ronaldo are so good, there is a reason Jordon/Shaq were so good. There is a reason Tiger Woods is so good.

The top sports people on the face of planet, will train, train, train, there might not even be a team training scheduled, but they will be out their practicing 24/7, they will be doing everything in their power to improve their game.

Unfortunately with the Blackcaps, they do the Opposite, we had a captain in Fleming who had the nerve to say, that training never helped his game, and this has been instilled in this blackcaps team, and yet we had a media who nodded their support for everything he did.

Now we have Vettori, someone who is trying to instill a sense of professionalism in this side, but we have a lazy media, who all they can do is bag the guy, while giving the former captain Fleming a free pass.

Its pathetic journalism, but it plays well here in New Zealand, we want to hear our sports players are different from the rest of world, that we aren't into the modern ways of sports science, well I'm afraid thats wrong.

We have to embrace sports science.

Yes the Blackcaps are still in the old mode of cricketer, turn up to practice twice a week, don't worry to much about diet, have some beers at the end of a days play.

Meanwhile the opposition are out their at 6am warming up, going thru match videos the night before, its called professionalism, it's to bad the blackcaps don't know what that word means.

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