Saturday, June 28, 2008

Finally the Blackcaps show Passion!

Finally the Blackcaps have shown passion. After Collingwood decided not to call back Elliot, the Blackcaps were fuming and they let their disgust be known. Then when they took the winning run off the last ball, the celebrating begun, not since the 80's have I seen a kiwi cricket team so fired up, wanting to win, and it meant so much to them.

For too long now, we have had a team that just wanted to be paid and didn't really care about the result, you could tell this in press conferences afterwards when players would just shrug their shoulders, and say "Well we have to be more consistent" and then just walk off.

Hats off to Vettori for bringing Passion to a team that lacked it, maybe this will start a whole new era for the Blackcaps, where players want to play, where players will turn up early for training and not leave until dusk, this hasnt happen for a long time, but if it does, we could have another glorious era in New Zealand cricket.

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