Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Andrew Saville and the NZ media disgrace themselves

The way the NZ media have reported the story of gang rape by four members of the English rugby team is a disgrace.

Saville needs to be dumped for his reporting of the last two weeks, the editors of stuff should hang their heads in shame.

Headlines such as "Hijinks at the Hilton" or Saville saying "Sex romp" is sick, this is an allegation of Rape.

If the woman was saying it was consensual, then the headline and Saville's reporting would be okay, (for a Tabloid anyway) but she is saying it was rape, until charges are laid, or not laid, until guilt or innocence is declared in a court of law, this needs to be taken more seriously by our media.

You can bet your bottom dollar if this was any other player from another code then our media would take this story way more seriously, there would be talk about the damage that its done to the sport, woman right activists would be getting airtime, and thats the way it should be, its a disgusting unforgivable crime.

I hope heads roll at stuff.co.nz and I hope Saville ends up losing his job, for making light of such a serious story.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah that prick Saville needs to go. He is a crap presenter and comes across as a bogan.