Sunday, June 1, 2008

Why do some people think they have Authority?

Why do some people in society think they have authority over others? I'm not talking about the Police or Firefighters or the army or civil defense officers, Im talking about people from certain sectors of society, who think they have the right to tell people what to do.

Here are some examples.

Take those jackasses from Destiny Church, the media was filming a conference in which they were attending, the speaker of the conference had a heart attack and was rushed to hospital.

For some reason, Destiny Church, thought they had the right to physically detain the cameracrew, locked them in a room and not let them out until they hand over their camera equipment, what is wrong with these people? Shouldn't this be a case of detainment and theft?

Personally, I was outside a bar in Christchurch a few years ago, there was a scuffle, and a young man got hit by a famous sports person, the man's girlfriend started to ring the police on her cell phone, just then a bouncer from one of the bars ran up to the girl, took her phone and said "You cant call the police, he is ***** ****.

What right does a bouncer have to take someone's cell phone and stop them for calling the police?

Another small incident was, when I was a teenager I worked at a certain fast food restaurant, which frown upon people socializing with each other after work. I was out with a good friend, out of work hours, about to enter a movie, when we saw one of the restaurant managers enjoying a night out, he came up to us, and told me, we weren't allow to go into the movie together?

Yet another incident involved the Unions, they were having a wee protest march down a main street in chch, when one donkey came up to me, shoved a bucket in my face and asked for a donation, I told him, no thanks, he then said, "well your not allowed to past"

(Did he think he was part of Lord of the Rings?)

What is it with some people, why do some people think they have the right to detain you? take away personal property, tell you who or who you cant call, or physically stop you from going somewhere.

If your a member of a church with a cheap imitation Tony Soprano jacket, a bouncer at a local bar, a Union member, or a fast food manager, you have no power whatsoever over members of the public, why is that so hard to understand???

If there was any justice in New Zealand, those members of Destiny Church that detained the camera crew will be in jail for a long time because they are criminals.

But its up to the public, not to take BS from people, and I'm still wondering why the TVNZ camera crew did what these donkeys told them to do?

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Craig said...

The TVNZ crew did what the church folk wanted them to do, just to stay on their good side so they get the scoop next time.

I have noticed over the past few years in Australia, with John Howard as PM, that the government would actively block certain news organisations from press conferences and media junkets if they were overly critical of the Howard government.

Companies and organisations have seen this as a go ahead for them to act the same way in order to maximise positive exposure.