Monday, May 26, 2008

NZL Sporting Journos Blow it

Once again, our sporting Journos have blown it, with one of Nzl's biggest sporting achievements ever, Scott Dixon winning the Indy 500, they are once again downplaying it.

To wake up and turn on the radio and hear the Journos talk about how Dan Carter is a great rugby player, to log on to NZL sports websites and see pictures of rugby players, on a day when Scott became an sporting Icon, shows just how pathetic our Journos really are.

Is the NZRFU paying these guys to downplay any sporting glory by a kiwi, just incase it takes away from Rugby Union?

What Scott did today is massive, but for our Journos to ask "This could be the biggest sporting achievement in motorsport for our country" is the wrong question to ask.

They should be asking "Is this the biggest achievement in Nzl sport?"

Worse of all, is Brendon Telfer, who asked the question "Is this a bigger sport event in the USA than the America's cup?"

Now Telfer knows of course it is. But he sums up most Journos in this country, they will downplay anything major a kiwi does in sport, because they don't want to take away attention from their Favorites, Rugby Players.

Grow up NZL media, and well done to Scott Dixon.

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