Sunday, May 11, 2008

Matt Sigel a Victim of Brent Buckman Syndrome

Matt Sigel has become a victim of Brent Buckman Syndrome. This Chef who seems to be the most consistent of all the male chefs in Hell's Kitchen has become a scapegoat for the men's team and has been severely bullied along the way.

He is overweight, balding and has tried to be polite to the other Chefs, thus becoming an easy target for the jackasses on the show, notably Ben.

Like with Brent Buckman on the Apprentice, the treatment of Matt is disgusting, his imput is just shrugged off, his attempts to get some communication into the male's kitchen is meet with silence, he is the only one, apart from maybe Louross who is acting in a professional manner.

This has been the way of season 4, Craig was the first target of the bullies, being only five foot two, he was treated as a child, and got the blame for things that weren't his fault, once he was fired, they turned to Louross, trying to make him a scapegoat, but he was having none of it, so now its Matt turn.

The producers really need to do something about the bullies on these shows, to watch grown men, find a target and then have a group mentality is almost a case of abuse.

In the previews for next week, it seems the woman chefs will jump on the bandwagon and blame poor Matt for everything. Like with Brent Buckman from the Apprentice, I can see how this will end, Matt will finally bite back in a big way, and will be fired for it and that just anit fair.

I guess its the way of reality TV, I hardly watch any reality TV shows at all, just Gordon Ramsay's shows (the guy has become an idol of mine) and The amazing race and the Apprentice, thats it.

These are shows that people actually have to do something apart from eating bugs and the contestants aren't there just to become famous, its just too bad that like in real life, the Bullies take over.

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