Saturday, May 24, 2008

Day One Test Two Blackscap do well and thats the tooth!

Er, the truth. On a bouncy wicket and a overcast day that was once again effected by the weather. New Zealand batted on and made 202/4, a solid position.

Taylor showed his brilliance with an unbeaten 67, Flynn lost a toothed, and New Zealand is well positioned with six wickets in hand to get past 300 and maybe push 350.

Tomorrow morning session's will determined the outcome of the match, cricket wickets for England and we will be in deep trouble, but if we batted like we did on day one, New Zealand might be unbeatable.


From Down Under said...

Nice pic there.
Yes tomorrow morning is crucial, if Oram and Taylor can continue then we are in good shape with Vettori to come and Flynn to bat again.
Here's hoping they can push on!

Brett Dale said...

Fingers and toes crossed that they will.

The first session is everything.