Friday, May 30, 2008

Why Cricket is not a Gentle Game

This short clip, shows you have to be pretty tough to play cricket. This is a high motion video of a cricket ball breaking the rim of the helmet of batsmen Daniel Flynn and thus doing him serious damage to his face.

He actually managed to walk off the field, but has been in a bad way ever since, the accident happened last friday.

He had a bit of a relapse today, but should pull through. A cricket ball is much harder than a baseball, so you kinda know what kind of pain this poor man has been in the last few days.

Unfortunately, according to our news tonight, there is more damage than first thought, he is going through pain and the doctors say he shouldnt be in any. So thoughts with this fine sports person from New Zealand

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

England Win


Monday, May 26, 2008

Well Done to TVNZ

For your coverage of Scott Dixon.

Hey Telfer, where's my air ticket

Hey Telfer, where is my airticket??? You promised me that you will buy me a airticket to North Korea, just because you didnt like the email I sent to radiosport, but you have yet to sendin the money. Surly your not a man who would break your promises???

Imagine, someone questioning a sporting Journalist over his coverage of the Scott Dixon's story, I mean ya wake up in the morning, turn on the radio waiting to hear about Scott Dixon you hear about Dan Carter and the rugby, you log on line to complain and have that email read out on air, having that so called Journo call you a clown and being so offended he jokes saying he will pay for a one way ticket to North Korea.

Then having that Journo accusing you of comparing everything to Union, must be why the word hypocritical got invented.

So Telfer, if ya hate the sporting public that much, please send me the money for the airfare, I will like to take you up on your kind offer.

PS: Are you related to Bill O'Reilly?

Where to Now for Scott Dixon

During the upcoming weeks, Dixon is going to be everywhere in the media, every talkshow in the USA, every newspaper across the USA all over radio, so the question has to be asked? where does he go from here?

He has won the most famous race in all of sport, should he retire? What has he got left to achieve?

He has the world at his feet, and if the New Zealand Government has any sense at all, they will have him promote NZ across the USA, he has the attention of the USA media right now, they along with the sporting public will be celebrating his victory.

No matter what you decide to do, you have gone down in sporting history.

Enjoy your moment with Mr Dixon, you deserve it.

NZL Sporting Journos Blow it

Once again, our sporting Journos have blown it, with one of Nzl's biggest sporting achievements ever, Scott Dixon winning the Indy 500, they are once again downplaying it.

To wake up and turn on the radio and hear the Journos talk about how Dan Carter is a great rugby player, to log on to NZL sports websites and see pictures of rugby players, on a day when Scott became an sporting Icon, shows just how pathetic our Journos really are.

Is the NZRFU paying these guys to downplay any sporting glory by a kiwi, just incase it takes away from Rugby Union?

What Scott did today is massive, but for our Journos to ask "This could be the biggest sporting achievement in motorsport for our country" is the wrong question to ask.

They should be asking "Is this the biggest achievement in Nzl sport?"

Worse of all, is Brendon Telfer, who asked the question "Is this a bigger sport event in the USA than the America's cup?"

Now Telfer knows of course it is. But he sums up most Journos in this country, they will downplay anything major a kiwi does in sport, because they don't want to take away attention from their Favorites, Rugby Players.

Grow up NZL media, and well done to Scott Dixon.

Blackcaps Blow it

Is there any team in sport, that gets his fans hopes us, only to have them crashing down to earth, like the blackcaps. With a lead of 179 on the first innings, all the blackcaps had to do was to cruise past 200 runs in their second innings to get a big lead and have England out of the match, well I dont even want to write about it, we collasped for 114, leaving England 294 to win. To make matters worst, they are cruising at 76/1.

I guess there is a reason, teams will only give us two tests.

Scott Dixon Wins the Indy 500!!!

Congrats to Scott Dixon for becoming the first kiwi to win the Indy 500. This would have to be one of our best sporting achievements ever.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Day One Test Two Blackscap do well and thats the tooth!

Er, the truth. On a bouncy wicket and a overcast day that was once again effected by the weather. New Zealand batted on and made 202/4, a solid position.

Taylor showed his brilliance with an unbeaten 67, Flynn lost a toothed, and New Zealand is well positioned with six wickets in hand to get past 300 and maybe push 350.

Tomorrow morning session's will determined the outcome of the match, cricket wickets for England and we will be in deep trouble, but if we batted like we did on day one, New Zealand might be unbeatable.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Garth Gets Crystalized

If your a music artist, you may get a gold record, if your a good artist you may go Platinum, if your a great artist you may go Multi Platinum and if your a Legend you will receive a Diamond award.

When your name is Garth Brooks, they have to invent a whole new award for you.

You see nothing had existed that complements Garth's career, so they had to come up with a whole new award that justifys his greatness.

The crystal Award.

Garth Brooks is the only music artist in HISTORY to have had six albums reach Diamond status in the USA, thus creating a Crystal.

An Honor well deserved, very rarely an artist comes around who not only has artistic metric in his music ability but also commercial success and for that artist to be a humble down to earth country artist makes this achievement even more memorable.

Over 19 years he has had a body of work that has touched and entertained people from all works of life, and now as he goes back into retirement he can look back on a career that may never been match.

There also is a nice bit of crystal on his mantelpiece.

Well Done Garth

First Test: A Draw

The first cricket test between New Zealand and England has ended in a draw. It was a match in which the blackcaps will come out feeling better, with a five wicket bag for Vettori, a Century for Oram and amazing performances by How and McCullum.

Once again, cricket writers have underestimated how good this team is under Daniel Vettori, and the blackcaps changes of winning this series now that they have proved they are competitive have skyrocketed.

Bring on the second test.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Day 4: New Zealand 277 & 40-0 v England 319

How valuable is Vettori to the New Zealand cricket side? Well in terms of the history of New Zealand cricket, only Sir Richard Hadlee has contributed more.

New Zealand could of been facing heavy defeat, but thanks to a five wicket bag, the first for a spinner since 1996 at Lords, the blackcaps have been saved by their courageous captain, with only one days play left, a draw is almost certain.

Here is a player, who always scores runs at the bottom of the order, has always bowled tight and he now has 250 test wickets, oh he also captains the side as well, and is brilliant in his field placements and use of his bowlers.

If I was a selector, I would make sure that he always stays in the playing 11, because he always saves the team.

Well done Captain Vettori! :-)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Day 3: Oh the weather outside is frightful

Only 42 Minutes on Day 3.

NZL 277 and England 89/0.

It has to be a draw, unless England gives a sporting declaration, followed by the Blackcaps. I doubt this will happen though.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Day 2: NZ 277 England 68/0

Day 2 once again belonged to England, but with a brilliant lower order 48 from Vettori, New Zealand is still in this match, we finally have a captain who is consistent in his run making, not bad for a bowler, I think!!!!

Southee is going to be the key on day three, the Blackcaps must get him on straight away and hopefully he can stay swinging the ball.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Day1: Brendon McCullum gets 97 NZ 208/6

How valuable is this player to the team? NZ in all sorts of trouble at 100 odd for five and once again a middle order player saves our bacon as New Zealand finishes the day at 208/6. A brilliant innings of 97 has not only kept the Blackcaps innings alive, but they have kept their chances in this test alive.

If Vettori and Oram and then Southee can go on with it, NZ might push part 300, and with the ball swinging like crazy, young Southee could have a very happy Lord's experience indeed.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Zealand Versus Engalnd 1st test

In just two hours the first cricket test against England will begin, (weather permitting) just for the record Im predicting a 1-0 series win to New Zealand.


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Matt Sigel a Victim of Brent Buckman Syndrome

Matt Sigel has become a victim of Brent Buckman Syndrome. This Chef who seems to be the most consistent of all the male chefs in Hell's Kitchen has become a scapegoat for the men's team and has been severely bullied along the way.

He is overweight, balding and has tried to be polite to the other Chefs, thus becoming an easy target for the jackasses on the show, notably Ben.

Like with Brent Buckman on the Apprentice, the treatment of Matt is disgusting, his imput is just shrugged off, his attempts to get some communication into the male's kitchen is meet with silence, he is the only one, apart from maybe Louross who is acting in a professional manner.

This has been the way of season 4, Craig was the first target of the bullies, being only five foot two, he was treated as a child, and got the blame for things that weren't his fault, once he was fired, they turned to Louross, trying to make him a scapegoat, but he was having none of it, so now its Matt turn.

The producers really need to do something about the bullies on these shows, to watch grown men, find a target and then have a group mentality is almost a case of abuse.

In the previews for next week, it seems the woman chefs will jump on the bandwagon and blame poor Matt for everything. Like with Brent Buckman from the Apprentice, I can see how this will end, Matt will finally bite back in a big way, and will be fired for it and that just anit fair.

I guess its the way of reality TV, I hardly watch any reality TV shows at all, just Gordon Ramsay's shows (the guy has become an idol of mine) and The amazing race and the Apprentice, thats it.

These are shows that people actually have to do something apart from eating bugs and the contestants aren't there just to become famous, its just too bad that like in real life, the Bullies take over.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

This gave me a wee laugh

I'm surprised someone didn't point out her mistake.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Good Advice

Good advice!, but what is the point of the sign?

Thursday, May 1, 2008

New Zealand Versus England Part Two

New Zealand is all set for some sweet revenge against the Poms. After losing the home series 2-1, which was more disappointing considering we were 1-0 up!, the Blackcaps will take on the English on their home soil.

Now the 20/20 match will be fun, the one dayers will be interesting, but all that really matters is the three test matches, England are red hot favorites, but I'm predicting that the Blackcaps will win the series 2-0.

My main reason is pictured, a young man named Tim Southee who is brilliant with the ball, like a young Hadlee and is devastating with the bat like Chris Cairns, some say hes too young to be playing tests, I disagree.

When you have a guy like him batting way down the order, it helps the brittle batting of the top order, and then if the conditions are overcast, he will start swinging the ball, he will have several warm up games under his belt, and I think even at the tender age of 19, he will be player of the series.

With some batsman coming into form and the team being captain by the brillant Daniel Vetorri, we are in with a real chance. The Blackcaps need this series victory, and I thinking the timing is right.

Roll on the Tests!!!!