Thursday, April 3, 2008

Super Mario Bros

What has happened to the grand old video games, like Super Mario Bros? with the catchy theme tunes, the innocent creatues, and the simple task of saving the Princess from the evil Goombas?

They have replaced by games like Grand Theft Auto or Hitman. Where you have to run people down, or kill them in the most violent way possible.

What do you people get out of it? That can't be fun? Surly you can't have a giggle from that?

Thankfully the Super Mario Bros series is still alive and well and pushing Ninetendo to the top of the consol marke,t and I think that is the best thing that could happen.

What would you rather have your 12 year old son playing, a game where you play as someone who has to cause pain and misery, or a game where the worst thing he can do, is run and jump on top of the Goombas or go down the pipes having to watch out for flying turtles?

If you work into a game store today you will see all sorts of warning stickers on the game, "Graphic Horror Violence" "Sexual Scenes" and even "Explicit Language" and you watch as parents take no notice of the R18 sticker and buy the game for their kid.

I'm against censorship, no one should have the right to tell adults what games they can buy, but I can show my support for the fun, cheesy games like Super Mario Bros by voting with my wallet, so next time I buy a game, it might be Super Mario Bros, or Donkey Kong or even the Simpsons, because they are games that should define what games should be, just plain fun!!!

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