Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sly Stallone is an Icon

Sly Stallone is a movie icon. What can one say about this man. Well if your a certain Blogger on New Zealand's main media site, you will take the unoriginal, unfunny, uninspired route, by making fun of his speech impediment, but anyone who has followed his career will know how wrong this is.

You see Stallone was severely bullied as a kid at school because of his neurological disorder that affected his speech, his fellow classmates treated him as a joke.

Yet, Stallone attended the University of Miami where he earned a BFA. He then left college to become a actor. He struggled for a few years but then after watching the Ali-Chuck Wepner fight, Stallone went home and wrote the script for Rocky in three days, the movie went on to win the best picture Oscar, not bad for someone who is suppose to be a dumbass.

The Rocky Series of movies have gone down in History as one of the most loved movie series ever, and without a doubt, Rocky Balboa is one of the most loved charcarter's in the history of film.

Stallone then created another Action hero that has gone down in history, Rambo, the ex solider who has a sensitive side to those that have been done wrong and shows no mercy to the bad guys.

Nearly every film he has been in, he's had a hand with the script and development, and is not afraid to make fun of himself, as he did in the action comedy "Tango and Cash"

His films have earned over 3.6 Billion at the box office, making him cinema's most successful actor.

He's 60 years old, he looks like hes in his 40's, hes happily married and has never been to rehab.

I say he's pretty successful myself, and he deserves all the success that he has had.

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