Friday, April 11, 2008

Helen Clark the most Despicable Prime Minister in History

Make no mistake, it was Clark and Cullun who were behind turning down the Canadian pension fund buying into Auckland Airport International and it was the wrong decision. This extreme far left Government who would rather do deals with China than North America, are showing that they have moved on from being a socialist party to a communist one.

As someone said on a share trader blog

"Do you really think they are going to step in when the Chinese tries to buy Vector Limited?"

It's disappointing for all New Zealanders who do share trading, doesn't matter if your a newbie like myself or someone who has been investing in the markets for decades.

You see what certain left wing bloggers and the media and Clark/Cullun don't understand is that , no one should have the right to tell me, who I can and who I cannot sell my shares to, this is what it comes down to in a nutshell.

Its not nothing to do with selling strategic assets, nothing about keeping it for little Jimmy or Sarah so they can travel to their airport and fly somewhere to watch the All Blacks, but wait and see there are going to be ads featuring people of all ages and cultures, smiling sweetly, saying "It's our airport" they will say this in all different languages, there will be members of the Green Party, saying it belongs to everybody, well that I'm afraid is sickening and insulting.

It doesn't belong to Jimmy or Sarah, or the Nigerian immigrant who loves being a kiwi. It doesn't belong to the good folks of the east coast singing on their Marae. It doesn't belong to the Pakeha or the Asian or anyone WHO DIDN'T INVEST IN IT!!!

It belongs to the SHAREHOLDERS, people like myself and no one in any decent system of democracy should have the right to tell me who I can or cannot sell my shares too, but we don't live in a decent democracy anymore thanks to Helen.

She has killed off foreign invest in our country.

(The Following has a Prison Break Spoiler)

In the last episode of season three of Prison Break that is due to air in New Zealand in two weeks, there's a scene when Tbag has over taken the Prison at Sona and gives a speech, he receives 50 thousand dollars from a outside contact and begins to tell the other prisoners that "everybody is equal, and everything belongs to everybody, he starts to hand out the money, of course keeping most of it to himself.

This sums up Helen Clark and her Communist Party to a tee, they think they know what is best for you, they will tell you that they are giving you gifts, and worst of all, while actually taking your money, they will make out that its in your best interest.

Its about control folks, we don't know whats best for us, so it's best to leave the decisions to Helen and if your thinking about buying shares, I would think twice, you never know if the most Despicable Prime Minister in History would try and guilt trip the media and public into letting the government make that decision for us.

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