Saturday, April 26, 2008

Gender Power Relations

Now that I have your attention, lets talk about Gender power relations. Apprently I'm not bright enough to talk about this important issue, according to someone from the blog "The Standard"

You see, I was foolish enough to mention that a video of a topless woman posted on Stephen Franks's blog, wont hurt his changes on getting into Parliament in November.

According to the good people over there, politics is over my head and they wont even begin to discuss Gender power relations with myself, because I'm not clever enough.

Well perhaps they are right, I never understood Twin Peaks or even the writing of Helen Keller. I never understood the struggles of the working woman, despite my years listening to country singers, sing about it.

But I'm going to give it a go!!!

The structure of power relations of the gender order is based on assumptions of what is is to be male and female. This arrangement divides humanity in to separate classes according to gender by attributing certain physical and psychological characteristics to each and, on closer observation, we can recognise these simply as a set of binary opposites. Women have traditionally been assigned fanciful qualities that, whilst desirable in any person, are unattainable. In order to assess the impact of the beauty industry on woman's experience in the world, I find it necessary to....

Stop... Those who read my blog, will know by now, I didn't write the above paragraph. But this is the kind of BS, that people have to put up with. Basically the Labour party in NewZealand is saying, that woman don't succeed in business because of men who treat them as objects. As a school teacher, Marion Hobbs spouted this crap to her students.

I work in Office Admin, and I have been lucky enough to have worked for some pretty successful companies, and some very successful woman, they all have one thing in common, they have never mentioned gender power relations in their life.

These are woman, of all shapes and sizes and races, who decided not to take the victim's route of saying "They are against me because Im a woman" They succeeded because they did the hard work and were recognized for it.

In my experiences these ladies, are the best managers, they understand the score and what needs to be done. On the negative side, the worst managers I have had, are the ones that have complained that they haven't gotten ahead because of what they look like, or because they are woman, they spend their working day, complaining that people are against them and making excuses when they fail. They are ones who are asking for seminars on Political Correctness and making people attend feel good courses.

Meanwhile the best managers, Woman, Men, White or Black are just doing the work and getting ahead.

Why do people on the far left find this so difficult to understand?

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