Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dr Cullen pulls the oldest trick in the book

For the life of me, I cannot understand why the media hasn't called up Dr Cullen on his latest underhanded sneaky trick. The Labour party has been pulling this for years and years, businesses have been using the same trick, yet the media remains silent.

Politicians for decades have been trying to get this down to perfection, but no one has had the amount of success at it, like the labour party of New Zealand.

It's all about low expectations, promising nothing, and then when you deliver very little, making yourself out to be a savior.

Take Dr Cullen's latest speech, he has told the New Zealand public, "There might be no tax breaks before the election" Oh no isn't that bad news, boys and girls. The media is screaming out "No Tax Breaks", well guess what? It's BS, there is going to be a tax break, and its going to be very little, but if Dr Cullen had made an announcement during the budget, saying its only going to be a small tax break, the country will be up in arms.

Now when Dr Cullen announces this tiny tax break, he will end up looking like a hero to the media, and some in the public for giving us something when he promised nothing.

The Labour party always does this, they give out the worst news possible, knowing that its a lie, then about two months later, they give out the real bad news, which the media says "Well it's not as bad as we thought" and the public thinks, Labour has done great.

I remember a few years ago, having an employer who did the same trick, we were told, that we would have to come in on the weekends, both Saturday and Sunday, every second weekend, there were of course groans of disapproval. But all of a sudden we had another meeting a few days later, telling us, we will just have to come in on Saturday.

Well our employer knew this all along, but it didn't stop about 50% of the staff, clapping and cheering.

This is how Labour does it's politics, believe me, we will here about how we are getting no Tax break, but then, Dr Cullen will announce a tiny wee cut in the rate, and will make himself out to be a hero.

Roll on November and a new Government, and I'm not confused about that at all.

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