Monday, April 7, 2008

Denny Crane

A wee while ago I wrote that Tbag from prison break should become President of the USA. Well I have changed my mind, I now want Denny Crane to run for President.

Sure he has "mad cow" but hey, ya got be a bit crazy to be leader of the free world. Seriously if someones p*sses him off, he wont go running to the U.N, he will just shoot them, problem solved.

He will be loyal to his friends, no matter what side of the Political fence they stand on, just look at his friendship with Alan Shore! (Is their any other programme on TV, that handles male bonding better than Boston Legal?")

Then their is his relationships with woman, he loves them all, even if they are midgets, so he will be able to deal with the Helen Clark's of the world and he will help fight female obesity.

He is keen on the environment, always goes fishing, he is honest in his views and doesn't just say commets, he knows people want to hear. Sure he may come across as the most right wing man on earth, but their is also a tender side to his personality that borders on being liberal.

So he is the best of both worlds.

I say vote for Denny Crane, a man we can all admire, a man we should all look up to, a man who knows what he wants, a man who is sure in himself, a man who will turn the world around, and with Alan Shore as his running mate, America and the world can't go wrong.

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