Saturday, April 26, 2008

Gender Power Relations

Now that I have your attention, lets talk about Gender power relations. Apprently I'm not bright enough to talk about this important issue, according to someone from the blog "The Standard"

You see, I was foolish enough to mention that a video of a topless woman posted on Stephen Franks's blog, wont hurt his changes on getting into Parliament in November.

According to the good people over there, politics is over my head and they wont even begin to discuss Gender power relations with myself, because I'm not clever enough.

Well perhaps they are right, I never understood Twin Peaks or even the writing of Helen Keller. I never understood the struggles of the working woman, despite my years listening to country singers, sing about it.

But I'm going to give it a go!!!

The structure of power relations of the gender order is based on assumptions of what is is to be male and female. This arrangement divides humanity in to separate classes according to gender by attributing certain physical and psychological characteristics to each and, on closer observation, we can recognise these simply as a set of binary opposites. Women have traditionally been assigned fanciful qualities that, whilst desirable in any person, are unattainable. In order to assess the impact of the beauty industry on woman's experience in the world, I find it necessary to....

Stop... Those who read my blog, will know by now, I didn't write the above paragraph. But this is the kind of BS, that people have to put up with. Basically the Labour party in NewZealand is saying, that woman don't succeed in business because of men who treat them as objects. As a school teacher, Marion Hobbs spouted this crap to her students.

I work in Office Admin, and I have been lucky enough to have worked for some pretty successful companies, and some very successful woman, they all have one thing in common, they have never mentioned gender power relations in their life.

These are woman, of all shapes and sizes and races, who decided not to take the victim's route of saying "They are against me because Im a woman" They succeeded because they did the hard work and were recognized for it.

In my experiences these ladies, are the best managers, they understand the score and what needs to be done. On the negative side, the worst managers I have had, are the ones that have complained that they haven't gotten ahead because of what they look like, or because they are woman, they spend their working day, complaining that people are against them and making excuses when they fail. They are ones who are asking for seminars on Political Correctness and making people attend feel good courses.

Meanwhile the best managers, Woman, Men, White or Black are just doing the work and getting ahead.

Why do people on the far left find this so difficult to understand?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dr Cullen pulls the oldest trick in the book

For the life of me, I cannot understand why the media hasn't called up Dr Cullen on his latest underhanded sneaky trick. The Labour party has been pulling this for years and years, businesses have been using the same trick, yet the media remains silent.

Politicians for decades have been trying to get this down to perfection, but no one has had the amount of success at it, like the labour party of New Zealand.

It's all about low expectations, promising nothing, and then when you deliver very little, making yourself out to be a savior.

Take Dr Cullen's latest speech, he has told the New Zealand public, "There might be no tax breaks before the election" Oh no isn't that bad news, boys and girls. The media is screaming out "No Tax Breaks", well guess what? It's BS, there is going to be a tax break, and its going to be very little, but if Dr Cullen had made an announcement during the budget, saying its only going to be a small tax break, the country will be up in arms.

Now when Dr Cullen announces this tiny tax break, he will end up looking like a hero to the media, and some in the public for giving us something when he promised nothing.

The Labour party always does this, they give out the worst news possible, knowing that its a lie, then about two months later, they give out the real bad news, which the media says "Well it's not as bad as we thought" and the public thinks, Labour has done great.

I remember a few years ago, having an employer who did the same trick, we were told, that we would have to come in on the weekends, both Saturday and Sunday, every second weekend, there were of course groans of disapproval. But all of a sudden we had another meeting a few days later, telling us, we will just have to come in on Saturday.

Well our employer knew this all along, but it didn't stop about 50% of the staff, clapping and cheering.

This is how Labour does it's politics, believe me, we will here about how we are getting no Tax break, but then, Dr Cullen will announce a tiny wee cut in the rate, and will make himself out to be a hero.

Roll on November and a new Government, and I'm not confused about that at all.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Does Jason Gunn look like Tbag?

For those people outside of New Zealand, Jason Gunn was a children's entertainer on television here,who has now gone on to host various game and reality shows.

I know someone who swears he is the splitting image of Tbag from prison break. I for the life of me cannot see it, perhaps it was all the time seeing Jason Gun and his puppet thingy on TV all the time, that I can't picture him looking like a mass murderer.

Maybe around the eyes or am I missing something?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sly Stallone is an Icon

Sly Stallone is a movie icon. What can one say about this man. Well if your a certain Blogger on New Zealand's main media site, you will take the unoriginal, unfunny, uninspired route, by making fun of his speech impediment, but anyone who has followed his career will know how wrong this is.

You see Stallone was severely bullied as a kid at school because of his neurological disorder that affected his speech, his fellow classmates treated him as a joke.

Yet, Stallone attended the University of Miami where he earned a BFA. He then left college to become a actor. He struggled for a few years but then after watching the Ali-Chuck Wepner fight, Stallone went home and wrote the script for Rocky in three days, the movie went on to win the best picture Oscar, not bad for someone who is suppose to be a dumbass.

The Rocky Series of movies have gone down in History as one of the most loved movie series ever, and without a doubt, Rocky Balboa is one of the most loved charcarter's in the history of film.

Stallone then created another Action hero that has gone down in history, Rambo, the ex solider who has a sensitive side to those that have been done wrong and shows no mercy to the bad guys.

Nearly every film he has been in, he's had a hand with the script and development, and is not afraid to make fun of himself, as he did in the action comedy "Tango and Cash"

His films have earned over 3.6 Billion at the box office, making him cinema's most successful actor.

He's 60 years old, he looks like hes in his 40's, hes happily married and has never been to rehab.

I say he's pretty successful myself, and he deserves all the success that he has had.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Helen Clark the most Despicable Prime Minister in History

Make no mistake, it was Clark and Cullun who were behind turning down the Canadian pension fund buying into Auckland Airport International and it was the wrong decision. This extreme far left Government who would rather do deals with China than North America, are showing that they have moved on from being a socialist party to a communist one.

As someone said on a share trader blog

"Do you really think they are going to step in when the Chinese tries to buy Vector Limited?"

It's disappointing for all New Zealanders who do share trading, doesn't matter if your a newbie like myself or someone who has been investing in the markets for decades.

You see what certain left wing bloggers and the media and Clark/Cullun don't understand is that , no one should have the right to tell me, who I can and who I cannot sell my shares to, this is what it comes down to in a nutshell.

Its not nothing to do with selling strategic assets, nothing about keeping it for little Jimmy or Sarah so they can travel to their airport and fly somewhere to watch the All Blacks, but wait and see there are going to be ads featuring people of all ages and cultures, smiling sweetly, saying "It's our airport" they will say this in all different languages, there will be members of the Green Party, saying it belongs to everybody, well that I'm afraid is sickening and insulting.

It doesn't belong to Jimmy or Sarah, or the Nigerian immigrant who loves being a kiwi. It doesn't belong to the good folks of the east coast singing on their Marae. It doesn't belong to the Pakeha or the Asian or anyone WHO DIDN'T INVEST IN IT!!!

It belongs to the SHAREHOLDERS, people like myself and no one in any decent system of democracy should have the right to tell me who I can or cannot sell my shares too, but we don't live in a decent democracy anymore thanks to Helen.

She has killed off foreign invest in our country.

(The Following has a Prison Break Spoiler)

In the last episode of season three of Prison Break that is due to air in New Zealand in two weeks, there's a scene when Tbag has over taken the Prison at Sona and gives a speech, he receives 50 thousand dollars from a outside contact and begins to tell the other prisoners that "everybody is equal, and everything belongs to everybody, he starts to hand out the money, of course keeping most of it to himself.

This sums up Helen Clark and her Communist Party to a tee, they think they know what is best for you, they will tell you that they are giving you gifts, and worst of all, while actually taking your money, they will make out that its in your best interest.

Its about control folks, we don't know whats best for us, so it's best to leave the decisions to Helen and if your thinking about buying shares, I would think twice, you never know if the most Despicable Prime Minister in History would try and guilt trip the media and public into letting the government make that decision for us.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Denny Crane

A wee while ago I wrote that Tbag from prison break should become President of the USA. Well I have changed my mind, I now want Denny Crane to run for President.

Sure he has "mad cow" but hey, ya got be a bit crazy to be leader of the free world. Seriously if someones p*sses him off, he wont go running to the U.N, he will just shoot them, problem solved.

He will be loyal to his friends, no matter what side of the Political fence they stand on, just look at his friendship with Alan Shore! (Is their any other programme on TV, that handles male bonding better than Boston Legal?")

Then their is his relationships with woman, he loves them all, even if they are midgets, so he will be able to deal with the Helen Clark's of the world and he will help fight female obesity.

He is keen on the environment, always goes fishing, he is honest in his views and doesn't just say commets, he knows people want to hear. Sure he may come across as the most right wing man on earth, but their is also a tender side to his personality that borders on being liberal.

So he is the best of both worlds.

I say vote for Denny Crane, a man we can all admire, a man we should all look up to, a man who knows what he wants, a man who is sure in himself, a man who will turn the world around, and with Alan Shore as his running mate, America and the world can't go wrong.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Super Mario Bros

What has happened to the grand old video games, like Super Mario Bros? with the catchy theme tunes, the innocent creatues, and the simple task of saving the Princess from the evil Goombas?

They have replaced by games like Grand Theft Auto or Hitman. Where you have to run people down, or kill them in the most violent way possible.

What do you people get out of it? That can't be fun? Surly you can't have a giggle from that?

Thankfully the Super Mario Bros series is still alive and well and pushing Ninetendo to the top of the consol marke,t and I think that is the best thing that could happen.

What would you rather have your 12 year old son playing, a game where you play as someone who has to cause pain and misery, or a game where the worst thing he can do, is run and jump on top of the Goombas or go down the pipes having to watch out for flying turtles?

If you work into a game store today you will see all sorts of warning stickers on the game, "Graphic Horror Violence" "Sexual Scenes" and even "Explicit Language" and you watch as parents take no notice of the R18 sticker and buy the game for their kid.

I'm against censorship, no one should have the right to tell adults what games they can buy, but I can show my support for the fun, cheesy games like Super Mario Bros by voting with my wallet, so next time I buy a game, it might be Super Mario Bros, or Donkey Kong or even the Simpsons, because they are games that should define what games should be, just plain fun!!!