Saturday, March 8, 2008

Why Test Cricket is the Greatest Game of all

There can be no other sport compared to Test Cricket for its Drama,what other game has so many twists and turns? What other game goes for five days? What other game can be seen headed for a draw, and then in a space of five minutes, totally turns around the other 22 hours of Play.

There is one day left of the New Zealand Versus England First Test Match, for four days it seemed headed for a draw, with only the slightest possibility of a New Zealand Win, then in a space of nine balls, England turned the game on its head, with a hat trick to SideBottom.

The public watched New Zealand go from 99/1 to 119/7, thanks to what would have to be one of the best fielding display by any English side in the History of the Game and perhaps any team. The catches they took, were beyond belief, The New Zealand batsman were shell shocked, and now we are left in position of, no one knows what is going to happen, this test match that was Dead, this match, which at one stage some had the Bookies offering odds of 35/1 for a English win, could now see that come true. This match that has captured the Cricket world's intention.

So where are we, with a days play left, New Zealand has a led of 269 with only two wickets left, we are likely to see, England chasing 280 odd off of 75 overs, they of course will be positive at the start, and we will wait and see, but if New Zealand gets a couple of early wickets, then who knows???, and of course there is always a change that the wicket will have the final say.

This is why people love test cricket, it doesn't happen too offer that a dead match comes back to life, but when it does, its the best Sport in the world.

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