Thursday, March 27, 2008

Why Greenpeace Sucks

Greenpeace must be the worst group on Earth, and I'm not saying that because of it's illegal and terrorist activities. I'm saying that, because it seems it only wants to help the furry cute animals from becoming wipe off the face of the earth.

Greenpeace released a statement, condemning the good folk of Canada for clubbing baby seals in an orgy of violence that would make Caligula Blush. For myself, they are manipulating the public, just so they can make more money.

Why is it bad to kill baby seals and not other animals? Is it because other animals are not as furry and cute and nice to look at?

I’m sure if their was some butt ugly Lizard from Africa that was getting slaughtered, all these animal rights groups from the far left wouldn’t bat an eyelid.

I guess its okay to kill something that is ugly, but leave the pretty animals alone.

I mean when was the last time you saw Greenpeace having a picture of the Endangered Alligator Snapper from Kenya on their site.

They wouldn’t get enough money in donations from that, to carry out their so called legal activities.

By the way, I love a good steak, so this is not some vegetarian rant from some wacko, I'm just asking a legit question.

It all comes down to what sells, that is why, groups like Greenpeace and animal right groups will always have "Save The Panda", "Save the Whales" "Stop Clubbing baby Seals" slogans, because it brings them more money and more credo with the public.

People are more likely to give to a certain charity, if they see a picture of a an attractive looking animal or person, than an ugly one.

Now I can understand certain charities, going down this route, they normally have a annual fundrasier, and they need as much money as possible.

But for Greenpeace, a group that is suppose to be about integrity and saving the environment and saving the world's endangered species, its terrible, there are so many species of the most ugly looking, repulsive, make ya want to vomit, animals that are soon to become extinct, but Greenpeace are about playing on the public's emotion and not doing what they are suppose to do, saving the Planet and its creatures.


capastrano swallow said...

Only a complete idiot would have anything to do with GREENPEACE i mean this bunch are abunch of outlaws and pirates they should be outlaws completly their a bigger danger to the animals and birds then anything else

Anonymous said...

You are SO RIGHT about Greenpeace advocating only for cute cuddly animals! Like siding orang utans/boycotting palm oil.. What about Anacondas - their habitat's threatened by soy and corn plantations in the Amazon.. or are they too ugly and vicious?

You will find the article entertaining, and realize what hypocrites they are!

Bird of Paradise said...

GREENPEACE are nothing but a bunch of annoying pinheads who needs to be disbanded

Anonymous said...

you are a bunch of jerks greenpeace is awesome and im not an idiot they do a whole lot of amazing things like try to stop global warming and they do save ugly animals to not just the cute so shut the heck up stupid idiots

Anonymous said...

What do you mean? Greenpeace took Lego from shell! Those Lego sets were very unique and I collected lots of them! Btw i use shell gas so deal with it

Anonymous said...

Greenpeace destroyed the Nazca site in Peru to protest about the destruction of the enviroment. Toss all these hippie scumbag terrorists in a Russian prison!

Anonymous said...

Arty was the charter member! He is the mastermind behind these eco terrorists! Track him down and beat him to death with the skull of a baby seal!