Sunday, March 16, 2008

Reality is no friend of the dreamer

Reality is no friend of the dreamer

Dreams it seems don't come true, as England is set to win the second test in an easy fashion.

They just need four wickets on day five.

It seems reality is no friend of the dreamer, you see when faced with an uphill battle, when face with the impossible, when faced with something historical, the Blackcaps folded at the start, showed no fight at all, then came back near the end, only to lose a late wicket.

In my previous post I said this could be Fleming's Legacy, the one Innings that his career will be defined by, the one innings that cricket historians will talk about, when they talk about his Greatness.

This Innings could of been everything for him, but it wasn't, and in fact, this innings summed up his whole career, he got a start but didn't go on with it when the team needed him to, he will end up probably having a average in the 30's and only end up as being known as one of New Zealand's best batsman and not the world's.

But to entirely blame Fleming for the lost would be wrong, other players have to stick their hands up and take responsibility, I'm talking Mark Gillespie who must be a candidate for that "The biggest loser" programme, to be so out of shape that you can even run and dive to attempt a catch, says something about the Professionalism of the man.

The lack of consistency shown by Martin and Mills, its no use as elite sports people, to play well in one match, you have to play at your peak every game.

Vettori is one player who can hold his head up high, brilliantly fielding, tight bowling and a perfect captain

So where to now for the Blackcaps? A third test on a flat track, that should see the match end up in a draw, and a drawn test series.

This really sums up the Blackcaps, a lack of consistency a lack of professionalism, but just a hint of promise and brilliance.

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