Friday, March 7, 2008

New Zealand Versus England First Cricket Test: Day Three

Well we are an hour into day three, and the odds are for a draw, New Zealand is the only team that can win at this stage, New Zealand made a brilliant 470, thanks to some positive batting on day two, they then put England in and the English were 87/2 at the end of day two, we are an hour into day three and England have pushed on for 123/2, at the moment its all a waiting game, if you were a betting man or woman, I would put my money on for a draw, but the odds are going to be very very small.

The commentators are now ripping into the pitch and rightfully so, there has to be a balance and on this surface, there isn't, its the first session of day three and we are almost certain that the match will be a draw.

Hopefully NZ Cricket will keep this in mind, when they hand out Test Matches for next season.

Now bring on the Second test!!!

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