Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New Zealand Versus England First Cricket Test

Day One:In terms of cricket, a great first day. The English have to be slightly ahead.

If there was ever a match that Proves you have to be positive in test Cricket, this was it.

Jamie How came out and played positive for his whole innings, scoring a brillant 92, showing the world, how you have to play the English Bowlers.

Sinclair was terrible, scoring at one run per over, that does nothing, it doesn't mean you hold up you end,it means your giving hope and strength to the bowlers.

Then there was Fleming, how could a Batsman of Fleming's natural talent, fail to turn a good score of 40 into a big one, is beyond reality, but that has been Fleming for his whole career.

Oram fell into the same trap as Sinclair, what is it with some New Zealand batsman, that they think its okay to score at a snail's pace, when all other top test nations know, that is not the case if you want to win.

Thank you McCullum, for showing how cricket is suppose to be played, you came in with Taylor, with New Zealand in trouble at 198/5, if you had of decided to play like, Fleming, Bell, Oram and Sinclair, we probably would of been all out for 230.

But you showed what a Class act you are, you took it to the bowlers and they had to change their tactics, you started to put New Zealand on top, and then Taylor followed suit, you guys weren't going to be dictated to, you were going to control the game, and that is what you have to do to win at the greatest game of all, TEST CRICKET!!!

Yes at the end of the first day, McCullum went out, but he has kept New Zealand in the match, a great first day for all cricket fans, and heres hoping that Taylor can make it a great second day Tomorrow.

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