Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Labour Party Screws AIA ShareHolders Again

After this Post, I will be turning this Blog into a more positive one, because we all need to be positive in life.

Today in New Zealand the Finance Minister Dr Michael Cullen, rushed thru new powers to bloke the sale of Auckland International Airport to the Canadian pension fund. The Labour Government passed the law that block the sale of any land or asset to overseas investment if the Government deems it to be strategically important or sensitive land.

In the first eight minutes of Trading today, shares in AIA were down 20%.

New Zealand is no longer a Capitalist Country, we are well and truly a Socialist country. Hugho Chavez would be so Proud of what we have done, he needs to take lessons from Helen. Like all Socialist's, the Labour party couldn't care whats best for New Zealand, they are just doing what they think is popular and will give them more votes.

Shame on you Labour, you are making us look backwards, and Shame on you for ruining overseas investments in NewZealand, I cannot wait until Labour are gone and we have a party in Power that understands the meaning of the word "economy"

Local investors will now also be wary of putting money into stocks, because of the returns that will now be smaller.

Now the Labour party and their partners in crime, the media, are going to play this up on the Nightly News as a great thing for New Zealand, you will see interviews with people on the street, saying, "keep it New Zealand Hands" and "It belongs to the People"

Well Guess what?, Auckland International Airport doesn't belong to the people, it doesn't belong to Little Jimmy or Little Sarah, it doesn't belong to a Local dairy farmer, or the person who cuts your hair, it doesn't belong to the little people or the big people.


Well it was until Dr Cullen changed everything for the worse.

There will be a ad Campaign coming up, supporting the Government Move, with people probably like, Susan Devoy, Colin Meads, Johan Lomu, Jason Gunn and Simon Barnett (If hes finish with his right to hit his kids campaign) all will be saying, "New Zealand, it belong to us"

The public will lap it up, the Public who have never invested in anything in their life's, will agree.

Well I'm afraid this is not how business works, people who take the risk in a Capitalist society, either reap the rewards, for building something up and then selling it for a higher price, or having a loss for something that just didn't quite work.

Dr Cullen and the Labour party has changed all this, we are no longer a Western Democracy, we will go down the road of a Pacific Island Nation, this is what Labour wants, they want most people to be Poor and to struggle, so they can come out and say, we will be your saviours, they are a sick group of people, already on the extreme left leaning blogs, they are laughing, that the rich has lost all their money.

Well guys, it wasn't the rich that lost their money, it was ordinary New Zealanders who took the risk, and we ordinary New Zealanders don't mind if we lost it, thru our own bad investments, but we do mind when these xenophobic, bigoted Politicians decided overnight that New Zealand would no longer be a Free Country that welcomes Investment, and that this Government wanted us to be a third World Country that relies on them to help us, we need our saviors to help us from the big bad business men.

Its Hugo Chavez to a tee, its the Guy who runs Sona Prison in Prison break, keep everybody down and throw them a little bone now and then, its making out that we need them to save us, its disgusting, its repugnant, it makes me sick to my stomach, its Socialism and it's now our form of Government, the Labour Government.

A very sad day for New Zealand indeed.

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