Saturday, March 15, 2008

Have the Blackcaps got a Hero?

Have the Blackcaps got a Hero? Have we got someone who will create Cricket History and go on to have a performance that people in 50 years will talk about? Will grown men be crying? Will cricketer writers all over the world, gasp and write about how this performance will never be matched in the history of the game?

Will people talk about Botham's performance in 1981 and say this is better, will Bradman's name be mentioned? Will a player become a legend, will this be Stephen Fleming's legacy to the game? Will the tiny Nation of New Zealand, celebrate?

You see, New Zealand is facing defeat, in what so far has been a poor performance by the team, and a disgusting performance by Mark Gillespie, who dropped a sitter of a catch, that was so cringe worthy, I thought of David Brent's dance in The Office. Surly this player must be dropped.

So what does NewZealand have to do, they will be will be chasing over 420 to win, an impossible task, a Historical task, something that should never have happen, a one in a million change, crazy talk to even suggest it.

Well I'm suggesting it, I want a hero, I want my mouth to be wide open, I want to dance and scream, I want the impossible to happen, I want to believe in sporting miracles, I want to know that this can happen, just once as a sport fan in my life, I want to see something that cant happen, happen!!, you see this just wouldn't be a great upset, a miracle, this would be the greatest sporting comeback EVER!!!!!

So, Im allowed to dream, aren't I?, over the next two days, my fingers and toes will be crossed, I will be hoping against hope, that maybe, just maybe, something special will happen.

Let's hope that Dreams indeed do come true.

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