Sunday, March 2, 2008

Conspiracy Theory of The Amazing Race

I Love a good Conspiracy Theory, I don't believe in most of them, mainly because despite having a massive amount of circumstantial evidence, they lack concrete evidence, that would turn the theory into fact, anyway all the top Conspiracies have been done to Death, JFK, Moon Landing, 9/11, Roswell, so I'm going to focus on my Favorite Nutty Theory, "Was the Seventh Season of The Amazing Race Rigged to Favour Rob and Amber? (or Romber as they are known by their rabid fans)

This Conspiracy Theory came about to Counter Claims by Rob and Amber that in the final Episode of the Seventh Season, Uchenna and Joyce had a helping hand to make the race close.

Uchenna and Joyce eventually won the Final of The Amazing Race.

Anyway here is the Theory that was doing the rounds on the message boards.

It was in CBS's best interests to keep Rob and Amber on the show as long as Possible, their Wedding was to air a week after the Final show, if Rob and Amber were to be eliminated early on, they would be out of the Public eye, thus giving smaller ratings for Rob and Amber's Wedding.

So we have Motive.

Apprently in webpage interviews, many of the teams were concern that at the end of each Leg, Rob and Amber, Instead of mixing with the other teams, would go off, and talk to the Camera Crew and Production Team in private.

Teams were also surprised that on a Leg in South Africa, Amber just happened to run into an old Friend, who help them with a task, they would of otherwise finished last on.

A lot of the teams that were ahead of Rob and Amber,ended up having car trouble, while Rob and Amber had no car trouble at all.

There was an Episode, when the couples have to find a Garden Gnome with their names on it, The team's Gnomes were carefully hidden, one in a light Tower, One hidden between some rocks under water, while Rob and Amber's Gnome was in the middle of the Road, not hidden at all.

Whenever Rob and Amber finished a Leg first, they were given a magnificent prize, while other Leg Winners, were given a lesser prize or no Prize at all.

While the Teams were racing each other in a Close race, Rob and Amber seemed to have the Best Taxi drivers in the world, all who spoke perfect English, While the Other team's Taxi Driver's just got lost.

In the Last Episode, Rob and Amber were seen sitting on a Plane, as the Plane started to taxi out, Uchenna and Joyce were still stuck in the boarding Lounge, after the commercial break, the plane was seen coming back to the Terminal to pick up Uchenna and Joyce, thus supporting Rob and Amber's theory!

But since that episode aired the Pilot of the Plane told the media, that he came back, because he found out, that Rob had paid an Airport Check in Clerk $50, to tell Ucheena and Joyce that there were no tickets left, and he was going to refuse to fly Rob and Amber, but the Producers intervene.

So there ya have it, CBS Wanted Rob and Amber to be in the Final Episode and according to people on the Internet, that is how they did it.

All of the above his been quoted from people's posts on the Internet.

And of course, if its on the Internet, it has to be true!


Tasmaniac said...

Simply Brilliant Conspiracy Theory!!!

Brett Dale said...
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Brett Dale said...

Yep, thats what I think, Romber had help! hehehehe!!

Anonymous said...

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kenan said...

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