Thursday, March 13, 2008


The Second Test has Started, and England, Ended the Days play at 291/5. A great start for them, but they have a very short tail and it was only some poor Bowling by Mills and Martin that got them to that position. The Pitch had more in it for the Bowlers, than Hamilton, but unlike the first test, Mills and Martin failed to be Consistent.

Consistency is the key, as the former Captain Stephen Fleming use to say during the mid 90's after ever lost, in his scripted speeches, during the press conferences.

Unfortunately, just saying "We have to be more Consistent" doesn't work, you actually have to apply it on the field.

Still this New Zeakabd side under Vettori, seems to be more disciplined than in the past, if we can get a early breakthrough tomorrow, and the Bowlers are consistent in their line and length, we should clean them out for around 350 making it a great game, if we don't though, we might be looking at a long struggle to save the match.

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