Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Calvin and Hobbes

How can one not be moved by the great Calvin and Hobbes. As a child, I was into the American Archie comic series, then I moved on to mad and cracked magazine, and that was it for my comic book tastes, until at 19, I was given a book titled Calvin and Hobbes.

The genius of Bill Watterson can never be matched, he captures the innocence of childhood perfectly, for ten years he did the strip, never selling out, never putting out cheap merchandise, never going in with a deal at McDonald's, he even said no to Steven Spielberg when the acclaim producer/director wanted to make a movie.

What made it so good?, well the strip appeals to kids and Adult alike, the way Calvin thinks, how he always sees the world the ways he wants it to be, how he uses Adult thinking, to twist every situation towards his favour, a kid who is so full of energy and despite all the mischief he gets into, he has a large IQ.

Then there is Hobbes, his Loyal sidekick, adults see him as a stuffed toy Tiger, while Calvin sees him as real. The way he is written, the reader is left into two minds, he seems to be what Calvin would be grown up, he also talks to the reader, but if someone else appears in the strip, beside Calvin, hes back to being a stuffed toy.

Both Calvin and Hobbes are Philosophers, and as noted in some Wiki pages, the strip is really about the Human condition.

A lot of comedy, makes you laugh and think, with Calvin and Hobbes, I think it's the other way around, you can enjoy each strip on so many levels.

The big question though still remains...

What was the infamous Noodle incident and is Calvin guilty?

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