Monday, February 25, 2008

We Win! Now Bring on The Tests!

New Zealand has Won the One Day Series against England, now bring on the tests!!!

What a summer its been for New Zealand Cricket, started off with Victories against Bangladesh in Tests and the One Dayers.

Then the Might of the English came and beat us in the 20/20's, but New Zealand came back and surprised everybody by beating England in the One Day series without superstar Shane Bond.

Apart from the Injuries, everything has gone right for New Zealand cricket in the past two weeks, Massive crowds, this season should see the highest crowd numbers for a season since the 80's. A One Day Series Victory, new stars emerging in How, Ryder and Southee and New Zealand's wicketkeeper becoming a genuine worldwide superstar of the game and an Opposition in England that has caught the Public's imagination, it's great to see Ex Pat Pom's supporting their home team and turning up in droves.

Now its time for the most Important part of the Tour, The Test Series!!!, Three Tests, Five days each, (For those that don't follow the game)

Before the Start of the Series, I thought England would beat us 3-0 in the Series, now I'm not to sure, yes they are going to have a stronger side, but the Blackcaps now have confidence, they believe they are not just playing to keep it close but to actually win the series, something they haven't done against England since 1999.

I believe our fielding is second to none (apart from Mills).

Our batting is okay, our top order may fail, but we can bat right down to number 10, so even if we lose quick wickets, we will not be dismissed for a low total. Its our bowling that is a worry, we need twenty wickets, I can see Vettori and Martin getting five each during a match, I don't see Mills, and Oram doing this though.

I think our best hope is, if the pitch is taking spin and we play Patel, I think it's going to come down to a Freak Performance by one player.

On the England side, I don't see them winning at all, their bowlers are just a tad to predictable, it might well be a drawn series, but if a Team is going to win this series, fingers and toes are crossed that it will be New Zealand, what a way to start a new era in New Zealand Cricket!!!

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