Saturday, February 2, 2008

Thank You India

Thank you India, what you have done for world cricket can never be paid back, and Australia and England better get use to it.

Don't get me wrong, Australia is the Number One Cricket Nation in the world and deserves to be.

But England use to rule the roost, when it came to cricket, they called the shots for decade after decade and every other country had to fall into line. The came the "ME" decade of the 80's and Kerry Packer and it was Australia's turn to be the King of the World, Australia bought in tens of Millions of Dollars into the Game and despite Australia not being at its peak in the 80's they had the biggest say in the running of the game.

But what happened to touring teams going to Australia was disgusting, an Australian Player could sledge and sledge and sledge, but if an opposition player wanted to sledge back, well it just wasn't cricket.

Then the Umpiring seem to be getting worse and worse, and the mistakes just happened to fall in the Home teams favor, and that didn't changed with Neutral umpires either.

The Blackcaps were always put up in Hotels that just happened to be next to construction sites, during one Test the keys to the New Zealand dressing Room just happened to be lost and because cricket is a gentleman's game, teams such as NewZealand had to just grin and bear it.

Well all this has changed, Thanks to India, and Pay TV, a country that has a Billion People who citizens are signing up and paying to watch their National game. Their cricket board is now earning more money than the rest of the test playing Nations put together.

Another reason is the Players on the Field have not decided to take any more BS when Playing in Australia, if an Australian Player is going to sledge, an Indian player will sledge back, if a Umpire makes a dreadful mistake on the field that favors Aussie, the Indians will question it, India are finally fighting fire with fire like no other team has before, if New Zealand, West Indies, Pakistan, England, South Africa, Sri Lanka follows suit, well Australia is going to be on the end of a lot more series losses, that happens when there is an even playing field.

Thank You India.

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