Monday, February 4, 2008

Prison Break

I'm not a big TV watcher, there is probably only a handful of programmes I watch, but Prison Break is one of them, what is it that makes people support the bad guys and not the good? I'm talking about the brillant performance of Robert Kepler who plays Tbag, the mass murderer who gives Michael and Bellick a hard time in Prison.

The actor plays the part in a manner that not many others could pull off. In most scenes he just sorts of sneaks up on the other actors and is not overly aggressive , but what makes his charcarter is that the writers give him the best lines.

There needs to be light relief in a show like this and Tbag despite having some awfully violent scenes, provides it with his wit. I only hope the writers don't decide to kill him off because like ER with Dr Romano, he is in one of the reasons a lot of viewers tuned in, and looked what happened to ER after Ramano left.

So lets hope they all get out of Prison again and Tbag can be seen for series after series.

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