Friday, February 8, 2008

An open Letter to Kyle Mills

I'm guessing Kyle Mills would never read this blog, but thats okay, I have to vent, and I hope this blog isn't turning too negative. For those that don't know, Kyle Mills is a New Zealand cricket Player who probably shouldn't be in the team for various reasons, for those who do know him, you would probably know what I mean.

I went to the New Zealand Versus England 20/20 match last night, very entertaining match that was a good night out for all, I was sitting right above where Kyle Mills was suppose to be fielding, but to be fielding you have to put in some effect. In my 37 years on this Earth, I have never seen such a lazy display by any sports person.

Sure all the Press, wanted to talk about after the game, was how England out Bowled, Out Batted and took a more professional approach, but no one mention this disgusting effort by Mills. You see he put in no effort, it wasn't the fact there was no diving to take a close catch or diving to save a boundary, he wouldn't even run to try and stop a boundary, it was like he was jogging and he didn't feel he needed to give even 50%

The crowd along with myself was going nuts at him, if you have been to this stadium, you would know the crowd is right over the players, just about ten feet away, people starting clapping to get him revved up, that didn't work, they then started chanting, "Come On Mills" that didn't work, "Put some effort in Mills" didn't work either, so then the crowd got angry, a few F words, directed at this player didn't seem to help, nearly every ball that came to him , the crowd was giving him grief.

Then the Sh*t hit the fan, an English batsman skied the ball, Mills just stood there, while the Brillant young New Zealand Fieldsman, Ross Taylor, attempted a diving catch, Taylor got a standing Ovation for this effort, the crowd keep screaming at Mills "What are you doing" A few Balls later, Taylor once again ran from his position, to cut off a boundary, he dived and stopped the boundary right in front of Mills, who made no effort to get the ball, the crowd in this section then lost it with Mills, everybody just stood up, when Mills looked Up, he had most the crowd pointing at him with anger , then pointing at Ross Taylor screaming "thats how ya Field" He looked like he wanted to crawl into a hole somewhere.

I don't mind seeing my team get beaten, I don't mind even seeing mistakes from my team, if I'm paying money though to see my team perform, I want to see effort, I was to see every player, playing their guts out, giving it all on the field, Kyle Mills didn't do this, and that is why he should be dropped.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen Munaf Patel ???

He'll put Mills to shame !!!

Brett Dale said...

Nope never seen the guy, Im guessing he is pretty bad.

Brett Dale said...
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Emz said...

From tv you could also see that Mills looked absolutely ordinary in the field.
He was probably considering offers his brother (??) is lining up for him in India.
The most frustrating thing is that whenever someone makes a slight mistake off his bowling he acts like a spoilt little shit and that he could do better, but plainly he can't and is yet to show full commitment to the black caps.
He is a senior player and should be leading the team rather than avoiding responsibilty.

Anonymous said...

An open letter to Brett Dale - leave Kyle alone. He is trying his bestest.

Your faithfully,
Elyk Sllim

Brett Dale said...

As a fan of NZ cricket who spent my hard earned 30 Dollars, I think my post was okay, my problem with him is he DIDN'T try his best, he was LAZY in the field.

I don't mind players making mistake, but I want them to try their hardest, he didn't do that.