Friday, February 22, 2008

The Olympics

The Olympics are on in August, I'm already counting the days and this upcoming Olympics should see a great Gold medal haul for New Zealand, of the likes we haven't seen since 1984.

I love the fact, that there will be some guy or girl from some wee war torn nation who will probably capture the hearts of the entire Planet, either by causing a upset by winning the Gold or just by finishing his or her event.

I also Love the Fact that the Greatest Sporting Nation on the Planet will once again top the Medal Table, I'm of course talking about the USA.

I love how nations who are at war will compete side by side, showing the Politicians how its done.

I love the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, full of Cultural and Flair.

I love watching the medal table and seeing what Nations New Zealand are ahead of.

I love the coolness of the American Sprinters, I love the brassiness of the Australians, I love the Barmy Army of England who will be supporting their Nation.

I love the Canadians who, well they are Canadians, what's not to Love.

I love the fact that Muslims, Christians, Hindus will be there just for the sport.

I love the fact that people around the world for 17 odd days will be talking sport.

I love the fact that New Zealand may win Gold in the Rowing, Cycling, Shot Put, Yachting, BMX,Trialathon and who knows Field Hockey and maybe just maybe a medal in Basketball?

I guess I can sum it up by saying, I love the Olympics!

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