Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Michael Moore is Not a Sicko

People either Love or Hate Michael Moore, all depending on what side of the Political fence you sit on, some say he is a genius and the only Journalist telling it how it is, others say he is a sicko, a deprived twister and outright liar. The truth as always is somewhere in between.

His Latest Movie, "Sicko" was about the health care system in Europe and the USA, and was applauded by some, and hated by others such as Fred Thompson, the dude from Die Hard 2 and a Senator who ran for President, who felt the need to do a youtube video about Michael Moore.

People questioned Michael Moore , for wanting to go to Cuba for Health Care, people said he was Anti American. His other films have taken Heat, Fahrenheit 9/11, Bowling for Columbine, Roger and me, were all deemed to be left wing lies, but loved by Democrats who said he was telling the truth, something the corporate media will never do.

Where do I stand on the guy? Well first his films are a joy to watch, they are interesting and will have you laughing and crying, secondly, he is one heck of a fact checker, every fact in every Michael Moore movie is checked out throughly, despite what some heavily funded webpages say.

So if Michael Moore makes a statement of fact in his movie, it is true.

Here is my slight problem with Michael Moore though, he leaves other truths out, for example the eight percent Tax that goes on people wages in Britain to fund the healthcare system was left out of the movie "Sicko"

He doesn't have a representation of the other side of the issues, that maybe because the other side wont talk to him, like in Roger and Me or the fact that he just wants his side across.

I would love to see him interview President Bush, it wouldn't be like a Wolf Blitzer Interview or a Neil Cauvto interview, thats for sure.

Another little story I was told by someone bothered me a little bit ,during the filming of "An Awful truth" (his old TV show) Moore was looking for Americans who knew the words of the Canadian National anthem, well this American guy I know, knew the words and sung it on Camera for the show.

A few months later when the segment aired, he was cut out, and Michael Moore said on his show, that they couldn't find one American who knew the words!!, Naughty Naughty!, as Borat would say.

Still, I'm a fan, his docos are great. To see Politicians squirm when he is approaching is a site to behold , long may he countine to do movies.

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