Thursday, February 21, 2008

Customer Service

I guess since this blog is called Media Sport and other rantings, here is a Big Rant. Customer Service in my country has to be at a all time low, over the past few years, I have had experiences so bad that I cannot for the life of me support these businesses.

When I have traveled overseas, I have found customer Service to be brilliant, the Good people of the USA and Australia, know how to take care of you. It's too bad, day to day service in New Zealand is disgusting.

Lets take Record/DVDs stores, when I go into a store here to ask about a particular CD, I dont need to be Grunted "Walmart" by the store clerk, when I explained that this artist work is now available thru all retail, I don't need to be told "First I have heard about it" and to have the store clerk, wave me off and walk away. (I guess this is why this store and the franchise has closed down now)

If I walk into another DVD store to buy a DVD which the store is advertising with a big Billboard saying "Out Now" I don't need to be yelled at by the store clerk who's doing her nails that "It hasn't even been on TV yet" and when I ask, when will they have it?, I don't need to screamed at "Its not out yet"

If I'm going to fork out nearly 3000 dollars for a new computer, and I walk into a store and see a sign that says "Yes, we do deals for Cash" right next to the computers, I don't need a Store Clerk to give me a filthy look and say "This is the price right here, we don't do discounts" and I don't need need another Store Clerk to grab the sign and throw it out the back in front of my face.

When I ring up a record store, and they tell me they have a CD in, and I go in , I don't expect them to say come back on Tuesday, and I don't expect when I ring on Tuesday for them to tell me its in, so I go to the store and they tell me to come back Wednesday. I also don't expect when I go back on the Wednesday for them to say it will be in on Friday and as I walk out the door, they start laughing and say "Well Friday or Saturday, but come in and see anyway"

When I get the hunger to have some fast food, (something I rarely do) I don't expect to hear coming from the back, "I'm not serving them, they aren't my fu*kin customers"

When I book an overseas trip with an agent, who gives me a full quote, and I go back to pay for it, I don't expect another agent to say, its going to cost 700 dollars more.

When I'm waiting for the cable guy to come around, I don't want a phone call from his boss, telling me, well it was a nice day, but he decided to go to the beach.

I don't expect to be short changed, I don't expect to be sworn at, I don't except for someone to walk away when I talking about to them, I don't expect to be ripped off, I don't expect to be treated like I'm subhuman.

Just a smile and maybe some professionalism from the staff, that is all I expect.

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