Thursday, February 28, 2008

BoyRacers and The Christchurch Community

"I was a Boyracer Once, Silverstone, Donington, Monaco"

"Where were you trying to get to?"


That was a small part of a comic routine by English Comedians Mel Smith and Griff Rhys Jones.

I never used to have a opinion of Boy Racers, I never use to care, what they did, what their cars look like, or what music they listen to, until their behavior directly effected me.

In fact I thought a Boy Racer was a Michael Schumacher or Geff Murphy or a Lewis Hamilton, not some dickhead driving down Bealey Ave.

You see I live in a nice long street, which for the past eight months has been a Favorite of some Boy Racers, its in the Suburbs, a nice family street with many elderly residents and of course during the weekend, these Idiots feel they have the right to use it as their own motor racing course.

That is of course on a good night, on a bad night, well they think throwing Glass Bottles at people's houses is fun. Now don't get me wrong, I shouldn't put all Boy racers in the same group, there are two types of Boy racers IMHO.

The first are just Criminals, throwing bottles, doing burnouts on people's lawns, threating to Kill people, blasting out their gosh awful music at 330am and exposing themselves to anyone who walks by, and of course worse of all driving drunk, they add nothing nothing to Society except putting down property Values.

Then there is the second group of Boy Racers, the Ones who think just because they don't throw a bottle at your head that society owes them a racetrack, and the council should fund their activities and they should be allowed to speed down the street, disturbing traffic. They actually cannot comprehend that society shouldn't have to pay for their hobby and they should have to obey the Traffic Rules.

One group that has a Bebo page called "BOYRACERS UNITED B.R.U" is defending their right to race down Bealey Avenue on a Friday Night and are against the Police action of manipulating Lights so they cant drag, on this webpage they ask for open and honest discussion, but any post that is Pro Police eg:"I support the Police Action" gets deleted and the user gets banned for life.

Which is a ridiculous way to have a discussion, but I guess these guys aren't mature enough to handle a debate.

So whos to Blame for this, The Media has to take some responsibility, the very LIBERAL Press in Christchurch who always seem to support these guys ,and even gave a Blog to one of them. The former Do Nothing Mayor of Christchurch, Garry Moore, who actually welcomed these guys to our city, saying they bring colour. They cannot wash their hands of this Problem.

Of course Government MP's who try to play down the Issue are also to Blame, you just have to look at whats happens to Christchurch at Night, to know treating the problem with Kid Gloves doesn't help.

IMHO, there should be a Zero Tolerance policy, you don't break the speed limit down any street, you don't block Traffic on a Friday or Saturday Night, you certainly don't throw your trash out the window, or break Noise Control Laws, all you have to do is Obey the Laws of society.

We as members of the Public, couldn't give a rats ass about your Hobby, we couldn't care what you do, just as long as your behavior doesn't effect us, which it has been.

Personally if I was a young person, I would much rather spend my money on touring through the States or Europe, going nice places to eat, seeing Movies, going places, but thats just me.

So, I say, good on the Police for manipulating the Traffic Lights, if it slows down the hoons, and gets people to obey the Law, then its a Great day for Christchurch and its what the Public wants.

So well done to the Police!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Jesse Ryder

How do you Blow Millions of Dollars, just ask Jesse Ryder.

Here is a guy, who should be at the top of the world, going on television a few weeks ago, saying he's curb his wild ways, cementing a place in the Black Caps at the tender age of 23, yet he blows it, and it just may cost him long term.

Now of course people are talking about, how he got drunk after the deciding match and smashed a window with his hand, of course they are talking about how he verbally abused Hospital Staff that were treating him, and of course they are talking about how he is out of action for 12 weeks, missing most of the return tour to England.

What I found most disturbing is his actions before the match,which shows he has no Professionalism whatsoever. Now don't get me wrong, how have I got the right to comment?, In my only proper game of cricket I made a Golden Duck, not playing a shot, but then again I ran out the School Bully with a bullet like throw from square leg. So I must of been doing something right.

Anyway, there wouldn't be many Professional sports people on the face of the Planet that would have Ryder's attitude. Can ya Imagine before the World Cup Final, Ronaldo deciding to go out Boozing, can ya Imagine before an NBA Playoff series, Dirk from the Mavericks deciding he wanted to party it up before the match, Can ya Imagine those in the Gymnastics events for the Olympics/the Swimmers all deciding that they would rather go on a Bender the night before the Gold Medal Event.

An American Journalist who has been living in New Zealand for over25 years, the Great John Digby's got it right, if Ryder was in a sporting team in Europe or the USA and did what he did before the deciding match of the series, he would be cut.

Ryder is very lucky though, there is not many people who can take his place in the team, and the drinking cultural of New Zealand, seems to support him, most the calls to Sport Radio in New Zealand and on the message boards, have been the same, "The players of yesteryear use to get drunk before a match, never did them any harm, or "My mates and I are always getting Drunk and we go to work"

Well maybe that worked 30 or 40 years ago when Sport was Amateur in New Zealand and you could get away with it, but its 2008 and things have changed.

If Ryder was a true Professional, he would of been looking at Game Tapes the night before the game, He would be going over his notes, he would be having team meetings with the other players, he would be working with everybody possible to get the best out of himself, its no use saying, "Well the Players have to have a life" Let the players have a life in the off season! Can ya imagine Peyton Manning saying to his coach, "Nah, I'm not going to go over the set plays, Im off drinking.

If its good enough for Footballers, Basketballers, Swimmers, Sprinters, Baseballers, Rugby Players etc etc etc, to give up going out, the night before their big event and getting Drunk, it should be Good enough for Ryder.

If he doesn't learn this, he will cost himself Millions of Dollars and let the cricket loving public of New Zealand Down and more importantly he will let himself down.

I hope he learns his lesson quick.

Monday, February 25, 2008

We Win! Now Bring on The Tests!

New Zealand has Won the One Day Series against England, now bring on the tests!!!

What a summer its been for New Zealand Cricket, started off with Victories against Bangladesh in Tests and the One Dayers.

Then the Might of the English came and beat us in the 20/20's, but New Zealand came back and surprised everybody by beating England in the One Day series without superstar Shane Bond.

Apart from the Injuries, everything has gone right for New Zealand cricket in the past two weeks, Massive crowds, this season should see the highest crowd numbers for a season since the 80's. A One Day Series Victory, new stars emerging in How, Ryder and Southee and New Zealand's wicketkeeper becoming a genuine worldwide superstar of the game and an Opposition in England that has caught the Public's imagination, it's great to see Ex Pat Pom's supporting their home team and turning up in droves.

Now its time for the most Important part of the Tour, The Test Series!!!, Three Tests, Five days each, (For those that don't follow the game)

Before the Start of the Series, I thought England would beat us 3-0 in the Series, now I'm not to sure, yes they are going to have a stronger side, but the Blackcaps now have confidence, they believe they are not just playing to keep it close but to actually win the series, something they haven't done against England since 1999.

I believe our fielding is second to none (apart from Mills).

Our batting is okay, our top order may fail, but we can bat right down to number 10, so even if we lose quick wickets, we will not be dismissed for a low total. Its our bowling that is a worry, we need twenty wickets, I can see Vettori and Martin getting five each during a match, I don't see Mills, and Oram doing this though.

I think our best hope is, if the pitch is taking spin and we play Patel, I think it's going to come down to a Freak Performance by one player.

On the England side, I don't see them winning at all, their bowlers are just a tad to predictable, it might well be a drawn series, but if a Team is going to win this series, fingers and toes are crossed that it will be New Zealand, what a way to start a new era in New Zealand Cricket!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

The Olympics

The Olympics are on in August, I'm already counting the days and this upcoming Olympics should see a great Gold medal haul for New Zealand, of the likes we haven't seen since 1984.

I love the fact, that there will be some guy or girl from some wee war torn nation who will probably capture the hearts of the entire Planet, either by causing a upset by winning the Gold or just by finishing his or her event.

I also Love the Fact that the Greatest Sporting Nation on the Planet will once again top the Medal Table, I'm of course talking about the USA.

I love how nations who are at war will compete side by side, showing the Politicians how its done.

I love the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, full of Cultural and Flair.

I love watching the medal table and seeing what Nations New Zealand are ahead of.

I love the coolness of the American Sprinters, I love the brassiness of the Australians, I love the Barmy Army of England who will be supporting their Nation.

I love the Canadians who, well they are Canadians, what's not to Love.

I love the fact that Muslims, Christians, Hindus will be there just for the sport.

I love the fact that people around the world for 17 odd days will be talking sport.

I love the fact that New Zealand may win Gold in the Rowing, Cycling, Shot Put, Yachting, BMX,Trialathon and who knows Field Hockey and maybe just maybe a medal in Basketball?

I guess I can sum it up by saying, I love the Olympics!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Customer Service

I guess since this blog is called Media Sport and other rantings, here is a Big Rant. Customer Service in my country has to be at a all time low, over the past few years, I have had experiences so bad that I cannot for the life of me support these businesses.

When I have traveled overseas, I have found customer Service to be brilliant, the Good people of the USA and Australia, know how to take care of you. It's too bad, day to day service in New Zealand is disgusting.

Lets take Record/DVDs stores, when I go into a store here to ask about a particular CD, I dont need to be Grunted "Walmart" by the store clerk, when I explained that this artist work is now available thru all retail, I don't need to be told "First I have heard about it" and to have the store clerk, wave me off and walk away. (I guess this is why this store and the franchise has closed down now)

If I walk into another DVD store to buy a DVD which the store is advertising with a big Billboard saying "Out Now" I don't need to be yelled at by the store clerk who's doing her nails that "It hasn't even been on TV yet" and when I ask, when will they have it?, I don't need to screamed at "Its not out yet"

If I'm going to fork out nearly 3000 dollars for a new computer, and I walk into a store and see a sign that says "Yes, we do deals for Cash" right next to the computers, I don't need a Store Clerk to give me a filthy look and say "This is the price right here, we don't do discounts" and I don't need need another Store Clerk to grab the sign and throw it out the back in front of my face.

When I ring up a record store, and they tell me they have a CD in, and I go in , I don't expect them to say come back on Tuesday, and I don't expect when I ring on Tuesday for them to tell me its in, so I go to the store and they tell me to come back Wednesday. I also don't expect when I go back on the Wednesday for them to say it will be in on Friday and as I walk out the door, they start laughing and say "Well Friday or Saturday, but come in and see anyway"

When I get the hunger to have some fast food, (something I rarely do) I don't expect to hear coming from the back, "I'm not serving them, they aren't my fu*kin customers"

When I book an overseas trip with an agent, who gives me a full quote, and I go back to pay for it, I don't expect another agent to say, its going to cost 700 dollars more.

When I'm waiting for the cable guy to come around, I don't want a phone call from his boss, telling me, well it was a nice day, but he decided to go to the beach.

I don't expect to be short changed, I don't expect to be sworn at, I don't except for someone to walk away when I talking about to them, I don't expect to be ripped off, I don't expect to be treated like I'm subhuman.

Just a smile and maybe some professionalism from the staff, that is all I expect.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Viral Marketing

I'm not sure what to make of Viral marketing. It's been around over 25 years, despite the fact some guy from Saatchi and Saatchi in Auckland, claimed he invented a new form of marketing called Whisper Advertising a couple of years ago.

Viral Marketing actually started in Chicago in the 80's when apparently Nintendo hired a company to do research on who are the most popular High School kids in various different schools, they then started up a database and sent the cool kids free stuff, in the hope that the nerds would see the kids using the products and thus, buy the products themselves.

It is used in many different ways, when Christina Aguilera released an album, her record label hired Teenage Models to hang out in various malls around the country to talk up the album, and say how much they love it.

Its common knowledge, that beverage companies would hire attractive men and woman to go into bars and start up conversations with the patrons, and on the sly, slip into the conversation the company's product.

Basically Viral Marketing is a form of a marketing to you, when you don't know your being marketed too.

Like anything that is Viral, it takes many forms. In a recent sport event in New Zealand called The Rugby Sevens, which is a festival type occasion where the crowd turns in Fancy Dress, it was strongly rumored that a lot of the crowd shots you saw on TV, were paid models dress up to give the TV audience a view that this events attracts the good looking young rich crowd.

Its also a practice that is used by many Rock Bands, the first few rows of a televised concert would never be sold to the public, but in the first row there will be a lot of good looking young woman, screaming and cheering.

An item on New Zealand TV , that is suppose to teach people how to cook good and quick food in a minute, its actually just an advert for a Certain Company.

I was on a bus a year ago, and three or four rather attractive ladies walked on, all wearing teeshirts that had "THE O.C" on it, they started to talk about how cool the programme is and how sexy it is.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against Viral Marketing when its done in a positive sense, it's just lately its been done in a negative sense. Politicians hiring people to yell abuse at them, so they can garner public sympathy, rival record labels hiring people to write negative views of the Competition. People knocking certain TV programmes in the street. I once had a conversation with a guy about Broadband, he was saying how he hates his broadband provider, how they are real slow, he named the company several times, when he got into his car, he had the rival company logo on the door.

In summing up, I guess I would just say, if a Good looking Girl or Guy starts talking to you, if you overhear how great a new album is, if there seems to be a lot of good looking people at a certain sport event or concert on TV, if on the News the News readers in their so called spontaneous conversations start talking about a certain event, a certain person or product, you can probably be sure that you have just be Viral Marketed too.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Borat is one of the Greats

Not many movies have ya rolling off the couch, but Borat:Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan does. From the Offensive first scene when he introduces the Town rapist, and says "Naughty Naughty" until the end when he does a parody of Baywatch.

Lawsuit after Lawsuit, followed this movie, from the Bigoted College students to the Homophobia Cowboy to the etiquette teacher. They all complained that they were either made to looked bad or put in a embarrassing situation, in the case of the Etiquette teacher, I kinda feel sorry for her, but then again all she had to do was look at a picture of Borat, Thumbs up next to a Penis.

In the case of the Racists drunk college students, well if ya going to get caught, speaking your views that belong in the dark ages, then I have No Sympathy. All of the Lawsuits have been thrown out by the way.

So why does it work? Because Deep down Borat is a sweet guy, he is trying his best into this world he doesn't know, and because he is Naive, people let their guard down and say what they really mean.

Sure some of the things he says don't belong in any century, but they are so out there and outrageous, they are funny.

There have been many Faux characters throughout the entertainment world, David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust, Andy Kaufman's Tony Clifton, Garth Brooks's Chris Gaines, with Borat, Sacha Baron Cohen created someone that had global appeal.

Although Borat is extremely antisemitic, he comes across as a man who views have been formed by his Government, so you find yourself laughing and forgiving him.

What I find interesting in this movie, was a lot of his victims who were Bigoted and hateful were everyday members of society , what didn't surprise was the people who treated him the best were, the young African American men near the start of the movie and the members of the Gay Pride Parade.

To sum it up, Borat's Movie is VERY NICE!!!!!!


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Stephen Fleming has retired

I was going to blog tonight about Viral Marketing, but since Fleming has announced his retirement, I will leave that for three days time, I'm going to be away from my computer during the weekend.

How can one sum up Fleming's Career? I guess by now everybody has heard the plaudits and read the Stats and Hard Data, Most Runs by a NewZealander, Most Tests by A New Zealander, Most Test Victories by a New Zealand Captain, Our Greatest Ever Batsman.

Although those who have worked in Stats know, the numbers have to be broken down to get a more Honest and Clearer picture of his career. Yes Fleming is still a Great Batsmen and a Good Captain, but if your going to dig deeper you will some other Stats that kinda puts his Career into perspective.

Of his 28 Test Wins, 17 have been against the Minnows, Bangladesh (6), Zimbawae (6), West Indies (5).

He Never won a Test against Australia or a Series against South Africa or Pakistan.

He never made a world cup final.

He has the second worst conversion rate of 50's to 100's in Test History.

He has a 0-9 record against Australia

He has a 2-10 record against South Africa

He has a 2-5 record against Pakistan

He has a 3-8 record against Sri Lanka

You may ask, what is my beef with Fleming?, well here it it. He is an amazing Batsmen, he is so naturally gifted it's beyond belief, to watch him stroke the ball for ten years has been a delight, I cannot for my life fathom someone who is so gifted, underachieving as Fleming has done.

If you get 43 50's, you should have more centuries, if you are Captain you should be leading by example to the younger players during training, you should be in the Nets to all hours working on your game, something that Fleming has never liked to do. Sure he completes his Net Sessions, but thats it, he was never like a Warne or a Ponting, players who would stay for hours after the official training sessions.

Then there was his Image, he was a media Darling, every NZ commentator will tell the public, what a wonderful, soft spoken young man he is, who is also very thickskinned, he is a great Ambassador for the game they say. Well Image is different to reality, as people who have meet Fleming, might tell you.

The media also keep quite on a few issues, the Blackcaps partying at Night during the middle of test Matches and having Journalists out with them, whom told the public the next day, that the team were in bed at a decent hour. I don't think 330am is a decent hour if you have to bat the next day.

They also keep quiet on how Fleming had a BIG say in the selection of the team, sometimes at a cost to the blackcaps.

Still, I am probably far to picky, I mean what kind of idiot, would bag a guy who has scored nearly 7000 runs for his country and is loved and admired all over the cricket world, a guy who has hold our fragile batting order together, a guy who has represented his country in his chosen sport for over ten years, a guy who will go on to be successful in anything he does.

I just have the belief, that if you went to Fleming at the start of his career and told him, You will never beat Aussie in a test or Pakistan and South Africa in a series, but you will play 100 tests and average 39, I don't think he would except that, because in the end, a Great Player will have a Great Career, a Legend will give his team Victories.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Michael Moore is Not a Sicko

People either Love or Hate Michael Moore, all depending on what side of the Political fence you sit on, some say he is a genius and the only Journalist telling it how it is, others say he is a sicko, a deprived twister and outright liar. The truth as always is somewhere in between.

His Latest Movie, "Sicko" was about the health care system in Europe and the USA, and was applauded by some, and hated by others such as Fred Thompson, the dude from Die Hard 2 and a Senator who ran for President, who felt the need to do a youtube video about Michael Moore.

People questioned Michael Moore , for wanting to go to Cuba for Health Care, people said he was Anti American. His other films have taken Heat, Fahrenheit 9/11, Bowling for Columbine, Roger and me, were all deemed to be left wing lies, but loved by Democrats who said he was telling the truth, something the corporate media will never do.

Where do I stand on the guy? Well first his films are a joy to watch, they are interesting and will have you laughing and crying, secondly, he is one heck of a fact checker, every fact in every Michael Moore movie is checked out throughly, despite what some heavily funded webpages say.

So if Michael Moore makes a statement of fact in his movie, it is true.

Here is my slight problem with Michael Moore though, he leaves other truths out, for example the eight percent Tax that goes on people wages in Britain to fund the healthcare system was left out of the movie "Sicko"

He doesn't have a representation of the other side of the issues, that maybe because the other side wont talk to him, like in Roger and Me or the fact that he just wants his side across.

I would love to see him interview President Bush, it wouldn't be like a Wolf Blitzer Interview or a Neil Cauvto interview, thats for sure.

Another little story I was told by someone bothered me a little bit ,during the filming of "An Awful truth" (his old TV show) Moore was looking for Americans who knew the words of the Canadian National anthem, well this American guy I know, knew the words and sung it on Camera for the show.

A few months later when the segment aired, he was cut out, and Michael Moore said on his show, that they couldn't find one American who knew the words!!, Naughty Naughty!, as Borat would say.

Still, I'm a fan, his docos are great. To see Politicians squirm when he is approaching is a site to behold , long may he countine to do movies.

Monday, February 11, 2008

My Tribute to Garth Brooks

How does one write a Tribute to ones favorite artist, who has retired?, How do you go about writing a fitting tribute without coming across as an obsessive nutcase? I'm not sure how to? I guess you have to start off by saying, why you are fan.

I'm a fan of any artist, who can actually play an instrument and write a song, and in "If Tomorrow Never Comes" we have the most powerful Ballad of the 90's.

I'm a fan of any artist who in the same live show, can sit on a stool and sing a cowboy Ballad, just him and his guitar, and then in the very next song can let rip, with a high engery, crowd goes crazy, powerhouse Country/Rock song.

I'm a fan of any artist who can go outside what their genre expects their artist to sing about, and sing songs about such issues as Domestic Violence, Gay Rights, Date Rape and Global Warming.

I'm a fan of any artist who's body of work will go down in their genre's History.

I'm a fan of any artist who is proud of where they are from and are a Patriot of their country.

I'm a fan of any artist who has stayed so down to earth, that in interviews, they don't name drop, they don't talk about drug rehab, they don't talk about their latest conquest, but they talk about their kids soccer game.

I'm a fan of any artist, who would come to a South Pacific Island Nation and play in a Tent.

I'm a fan of any artist, who in their audience will have Teenagers with metallic shirts on and men in thier 60's with George Jones shirts on.

I'm a fan of any artist who doesn't call woman B*ches and H*es.

I'm a fan of any artist who talks fondly of the artists that came before them.

I'm a fan of any artist who spends their spare time doing charity work.

I'm a fan of The Dance, Friends in Low Places, The Thunder Rolls, Unanswered Prayers, the list just goes on and on.

If an artist does a couple of those things listed above, I would probably be a fan, if they did all, I would be in awe.

In summing up, I feel a loss I felt with the last episode of Mash and Seinfeld and the retirement of Gary Larsen and Bill Watterson, still hopefully when his youngest Daughter turns 18, Garth will keep his word and come out of retirement, It would be a Garth thing to do.

Friday, February 8, 2008

An open Letter to Kyle Mills

I'm guessing Kyle Mills would never read this blog, but thats okay, I have to vent, and I hope this blog isn't turning too negative. For those that don't know, Kyle Mills is a New Zealand cricket Player who probably shouldn't be in the team for various reasons, for those who do know him, you would probably know what I mean.

I went to the New Zealand Versus England 20/20 match last night, very entertaining match that was a good night out for all, I was sitting right above where Kyle Mills was suppose to be fielding, but to be fielding you have to put in some effect. In my 37 years on this Earth, I have never seen such a lazy display by any sports person.

Sure all the Press, wanted to talk about after the game, was how England out Bowled, Out Batted and took a more professional approach, but no one mention this disgusting effort by Mills. You see he put in no effort, it wasn't the fact there was no diving to take a close catch or diving to save a boundary, he wouldn't even run to try and stop a boundary, it was like he was jogging and he didn't feel he needed to give even 50%

The crowd along with myself was going nuts at him, if you have been to this stadium, you would know the crowd is right over the players, just about ten feet away, people starting clapping to get him revved up, that didn't work, they then started chanting, "Come On Mills" that didn't work, "Put some effort in Mills" didn't work either, so then the crowd got angry, a few F words, directed at this player didn't seem to help, nearly every ball that came to him , the crowd was giving him grief.

Then the Sh*t hit the fan, an English batsman skied the ball, Mills just stood there, while the Brillant young New Zealand Fieldsman, Ross Taylor, attempted a diving catch, Taylor got a standing Ovation for this effort, the crowd keep screaming at Mills "What are you doing" A few Balls later, Taylor once again ran from his position, to cut off a boundary, he dived and stopped the boundary right in front of Mills, who made no effort to get the ball, the crowd in this section then lost it with Mills, everybody just stood up, when Mills looked Up, he had most the crowd pointing at him with anger , then pointing at Ross Taylor screaming "thats how ya Field" He looked like he wanted to crawl into a hole somewhere.

I don't mind seeing my team get beaten, I don't mind even seeing mistakes from my team, if I'm paying money though to see my team perform, I want to see effort, I was to see every player, playing their guts out, giving it all on the field, Kyle Mills didn't do this, and that is why he should be dropped.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super Tuesday is Almost Over

Super Tuesday belonged to Republican John McCain he trounced his fellow Republican Rivals, picking State after State, it was a sorry day for Mitt Romney though, as it looks like he is going to pull out very very soon. Mike Huckabee did better than expected, and should be McCain's running mate, a very good team for the Republicans in November.

On the Dem's side, its just too close between Clinton and Obama, this will be their ticket, but who will be running for President, we wont know for a long long time.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday is coming up

Well Tomorrow in the States is a Huge day, politically for them, its Called "Super Tuesday", its a day when the Democrats and The Republicans will most likely decided who will run for them in the Presidential elections in November 2008.

According to the WIKI website, "24 states will hold primaries or caucuses on this date, with 52 percent of all pledged Democratic Party delegates and 41 percent of the total Republican Party delegates at stake. [1]"

So who will get the Nod? Well IMHO, Old man McCain for the republicans should take it for the Republicans and he will end up choosing Rudy as his running mate. As for the Democrats, well its going to be either Clinton or Obama, that will get the Nod and that will also end up being the Dem's ticket in 2008.

So we have McCain/Rudy versus Clinton/Obama and I don't think the election will be close, The Dem's will take it this time.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Prison Break

I'm not a big TV watcher, there is probably only a handful of programmes I watch, but Prison Break is one of them, what is it that makes people support the bad guys and not the good? I'm talking about the brillant performance of Robert Kepler who plays Tbag, the mass murderer who gives Michael and Bellick a hard time in Prison.

The actor plays the part in a manner that not many others could pull off. In most scenes he just sorts of sneaks up on the other actors and is not overly aggressive , but what makes his charcarter is that the writers give him the best lines.

There needs to be light relief in a show like this and Tbag despite having some awfully violent scenes, provides it with his wit. I only hope the writers don't decide to kill him off because like ER with Dr Romano, he is in one of the reasons a lot of viewers tuned in, and looked what happened to ER after Ramano left.

So lets hope they all get out of Prison again and Tbag can be seen for series after series.

The SuperBowl

That must of been the Greatest Superbowl ever, the New England Patriots trying to go unbeaten, leading the underdogs the New York Giants in the last few minutes, but they underestimated the great Manning, not Peyton Manning who won the Superbowl last year, but his Brother Eli Manning. You see Eli was in trouble, he was about to be sacked, there must of been four pats on top of him, some how he slipped and slide and got away, falling backwards, he threw a 32 yard bomb to Tyree who decided to use two fingers and the back of his head to make the catch.

I have never seen anything like it in my life, the Giants were gone, they were History, the ball game was over if he didn't make this play, but it came off, and the Giants kept possession and scored a touchdown and won the Superbowl.

Now both Manning brothers have a Superbowl ring, who's performance was better? I have to say Eli, because that one play will go down in the history of the sport.

How sweet was that!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Thank You India

Thank you India, what you have done for world cricket can never be paid back, and Australia and England better get use to it.

Don't get me wrong, Australia is the Number One Cricket Nation in the world and deserves to be.

But England use to rule the roost, when it came to cricket, they called the shots for decade after decade and every other country had to fall into line. The came the "ME" decade of the 80's and Kerry Packer and it was Australia's turn to be the King of the World, Australia bought in tens of Millions of Dollars into the Game and despite Australia not being at its peak in the 80's they had the biggest say in the running of the game.

But what happened to touring teams going to Australia was disgusting, an Australian Player could sledge and sledge and sledge, but if an opposition player wanted to sledge back, well it just wasn't cricket.

Then the Umpiring seem to be getting worse and worse, and the mistakes just happened to fall in the Home teams favor, and that didn't changed with Neutral umpires either.

The Blackcaps were always put up in Hotels that just happened to be next to construction sites, during one Test the keys to the New Zealand dressing Room just happened to be lost and because cricket is a gentleman's game, teams such as NewZealand had to just grin and bear it.

Well all this has changed, Thanks to India, and Pay TV, a country that has a Billion People who citizens are signing up and paying to watch their National game. Their cricket board is now earning more money than the rest of the test playing Nations put together.

Another reason is the Players on the Field have not decided to take any more BS when Playing in Australia, if an Australian Player is going to sledge, an Indian player will sledge back, if a Umpire makes a dreadful mistake on the field that favors Aussie, the Indians will question it, India are finally fighting fire with fire like no other team has before, if New Zealand, West Indies, Pakistan, England, South Africa, Sri Lanka follows suit, well Australia is going to be on the end of a lot more series losses, that happens when there is an even playing field.

Thank You India.