Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Why is Good bad? My Question to the Media

The Media never ceases to Amaze me. Take the Entertainment Media for example, if an Artist smashes up a Hotel Room, the Media applauds it and says the Artist is living the life of a Rock star, if an artist beats up his Girlfriend/Wife in a drug induced rage, the media says "the artist needs helps in balancing his awesome music with his private life. If an artist in their mid 20's has sex with someone underaged, its celebrated and put on the Internet.

If an artist and mother of two chooses to go out and do the party rounds instead of looking after her two children, she is considered Cool and Hip. If a Rap artist shoots someone they are considered a Gangsta and someone to be admired.

Yet if an Artist does a ton of charity work during their career and have never been arrested in their life the media rips into them for being a Square or Cheesy or Nerdy.

The question of why is bad good has been answered so many times, but what about the question, Why is Good bad?

Why is it that not only famous people who have a good reputation,( eg: Garth Brooks, Celine Dion, George Strait and Tom Hanks) get a hard time in the media for doing charity work, but non famous people also?

The Kid who threw a party in Australia causing 20 thousand dollars worth of damage to his neighbours was made out to be a hero and has now been offered a 100K a year job, the Neighbours were put on TV and called party poopers despite over the years working hard to make their neighbour a nice and safe place to live?

People here in Christchurch who wanted to make the streets safe from boy racers, were ripped into by The Press for not understanding the needs of young people, but the Boyracers themselves got a Job, blogging for this so called newspaper.

So why don't the media get it? For years they having been saying Bad is Good, but now they have overstep the mark by saying , Good is Bad.

I don't have the answer why they do this, can someone tell me?

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