Thursday, January 17, 2008

Why Do Socialists think Free Speech only applies to them?

Why do Socialists think Free Speech only applies to them? There was a protest by an extreme left wing group of Socialists here in New Zealand a few weeks ago. As usual they were protesting against the Police, they thought Police didn't have the right to Tazer violent criminals and the Police should just walk away when confronted by these losers.

Well they were marching, and screaming, "Stand up, Not Shut Up", when a member of the Public made a comment that he supports the Police use of tazers.

Well that is when the Sh*t really hit the fan. About three of these Socialists went up to the man and told him to F*ck off and screamed Free Speech to him, when ever he tried to talk, they would shout, F*ck off, "Free Speech"

Am I'm the only person who finds this strange? I found this is very much across the board with those on the extreme left. They make a big fuss if they think their voices or point of view are being silenced by the Police or Media, but if anyone has a different world view than them, they tell you to Shut Up.

I think, they need to grow up.

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