Friday, January 18, 2008

What we Need is a Really Great Day to Make the Most of Every Moment

That was the start of the theme to an ad of McDonald's in the early 90's. Tonight's Blog was going to be about, white teenagers in Christchurch, New Zealand who have myspace pages, who for some reason call themselves Gangsta Rappers.

But I read a story today, that is quite disturbing, The Employment Relations Authority (ERA) has ordered a Blogger to stop writing about his time at McDonald's. Now I can understand, a Lawyer for Macca's suing this kid for writing whats in the secret sauce or giving details of Pay Rates.

But What right has the ERA got to tell someone, what they can write on thier own blog, he wasn't giving away company secrets, he was just telling the public about some of the conditions that may or may not applied to his store.

Lets face it, the Fast Food Industry is a Hell of a Place to work, I worked in a certain Fast Food Outlet in the early 90's, we had about two or three managers who treated people like garbage, they would tell you that you were the worst F***** worker there, at the end of a shift they would clock you out and tell you to keep working, breaks were normally a pot of Gold at the end of a rainbow that you will never get or reach.

For some reason we were told to put the recycle bags and the normal rubbish in the same compactor, and when we went to get our pay slips, on many occasions we were underpaid, I remember getting told to work on even when I had a badly burn hand or got stung by a wasp.

Although, the Owner and Store Manager were great.

Anyway back to the matter in Hand, I know the law says you cant give out privileged information even once you have left a company, but the stuff this guy was writing was common knowledge and surly the ERA has no right whatsoever to tell someone what they can write on a blog hosted on an international server?

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