Wednesday, January 23, 2008

T Bag for President 2008

I have announced my support for TBag to become President in 2008, now I personally cant vote because I'm not an American and he is a fictional person, I would still like to see him become President of the USA in 2008.

Tbag will make a great President, take a look at actions on Prison Break, he takes no crap from that Pretty Boy Michael, he wouldn't let the corporation walk over him, he knows what people he needs beside him to make it.

He wont let anyone boss him around unless he can come out a winner. Let's face it who would you rather have negotiating with Saudi Arabia to lower the oil price, Huckabee, Hillary or Tbag?

I know who would get the job done and what about talks with North Korea, and if any Hippy starts talking about global warming, well it wont just be Tbag left with one hand.

His economic policy is same as his policy on religion "God helps those, who helps themselves" (Quote from Season three) So he is for more free enterprise, which must be good for the Nation.
He will have the USA up and running.

I hope he runs as an independent, I think he can win, and we will all be better off with Tbag as the leader of the free world.

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