Sunday, January 27, 2008

Shane Bond Your Out

Bond, Shane Bond, has decided to take the money and run, and leave the New Zealand Cricket team in the lurch. Now if your a New Zealand cricket player and your employer is only offering you around 400 thousand a year and someone else offers you more than that for 44 days work, you would be a fool not to take the other offer, right?

Well yes, in Normal situations, but this not a normal situation. You see, Shane Bond has been plagued by injuries his whole career, and year after year after year, even though he wasn't playing, the NewZealand Cricket Bosses, decided to make him a "Top 20 Contracted Player" anyway, in the hope that when he is over his injury that he will once again represent his country and take the New Zealand cricket to the top of the world again.

Mr Bond didn't see it this way, despite being happy enough to collect nearly a Million dollars over the past seven years for hardly playing a match for his country, now that he is fit, he has told New Zealand cricket to shove it, hes taking the money in a rebel competition and he will never play for his country again.

Don't get me wrong, if a player such as Fleming or Vettori went that would be fine, they have both played for their country year after year for over years and deserve to go overseas and earn the big bucks.

But Shane Bond has sat by, while the New Zealand Cricket Council has paid him for doing nothing, and now that's hes healthy hes leaving his country at a time when we need him most.

Shame on you, Mr Bond.

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