Thursday, January 31, 2008

Seinfeld the Greatest Sitcom Ever?

What made Seinfeld so good? What made it head and shoulders above any other comedy of the 90's putting it in the same League as Mash or The Office and Extras. Was it the fact that they touch on Issues no other Sitcom would touch, in a brilliantly beautifully written Ambiguous style.

Was it the fact that there were no sentimental moments that would touch the Heart Strings? Was it they played on People's stereotypes of the ethnic makeup of NewYork, Was it the Underrated timing of Julia Louis Dreyfus, the Physical Comedy of Michael Richards or Jerry Seinfeld himself?

IMHO, it all came down to George Costanza, played to by Perfection by Jason Alexander. George was Self centered, Neurotic, Lazy, Self Loathing, had dismal relationships with Woman, had Lying down to an art, was never successful in anything he did, thus he protayed a Male most men can identified with.

He was short, fat, Bald, Unemployed and lived with his parents for most of the series, who still treated him like a child.

When I think back of all my Favorite Seinfeld scenes, George is in all of them, The Episode when he told a coworker "Well the Jerk Store, called and they are running out of you" is probably one of my Top Five Episodes.

The very best scene with George though is from "The Soup Nazi" and it really wasn't a funny line, it just summed up his personality to a tee. There he was, lined up to get Soup, Nervous as Hell that he wouldn't be served, he asked for his soup, like a child would, he got the Soup, but then he had to question why he didn't get any bread! It was just a typical George thing to do, and summed up his personality.

Without a Doubt, George has to be one of the most beloved sitcom charcarter of all time, for the fact that he was Human.


Anonymous said...

"Seinfeld the greatest Sitcom ever"


Anonymous said...

Better than Happy Days?

I think not.