Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Kiwi's Take on This Years Superbowl

In 1986, a friend of the family came back to NewZealand with some videos of the NFL, to this NewZealander, it was a strange game, for people in this part of the world who like Rugby League and Rugby Union. The Game in the 80's was called Gridiron here.

Over the next few years, I kept an eye out on all the results and then in 1992, NewZealand finally caught up with the times and got Satellite TV and I could watch the games. In my visits to the States I have always tried to catch some games, for myself the only sport I get more enjoyment out of is cricket.

I have supported a few teams over the Years, The Denver Broncos, (Because of John Elway) The Arizona Cardinals (having seen a few of their games on my visits to the states) and The Pittsburgh Steelers. ( I think Bill Cowar is nuts)

So after following the game for over the past 20 years, I think i can make a prediction.

The New England Patriots will win the Superbowl, now I'm not going deep into analysis. I just have a few reasons, of course Tom Brady is the number one reason, number two they must be scared sh*tless of falling at the last hurdle and most of all, I think The Pats are like the Germany Soccer team, they are very efficient in what they do, they are not going to make mistakes, everything will be structured and every player knows their place, they run their drills better than anybody else.

So come the Superbowl, I'm sorry Giants fans, but your team is going end up being a Quiz Question on a reality TV Show, "Who did the Pats beat to go unbeaten in the 07/08 Season?

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