Tuesday, January 15, 2008

India has been cheated Out by Australia

Like most Cricket Test Nations playing Australia in Australia, India has been cheated. That is the only word for it. Bad Umpiring is one thing, Bad Umpiring when all the Decisions go in Favour of the home Team is also terrible, but let there be no mistake this is cheating.

Ever since 1987, when New Zealand were Cheated out by a so called mistake, Australia has realized, they can have a helping hand whenever needed. We thought the problem was solved with neutral umpires, alas though this wasn't the case.

After every test series, the Home cricket board, rates what Umpires you want back for the following season, if your an Westernn International Umpire, you are going to want a good report, you would rather be applying your Trade in Sunny Australia than in Pakistan, India and Sri lanka and you certainly don't wont to be headed off to Zimbabwe.

TV Ratings of course go up when the home side is winning, crowds are larger, thus more revenue for the Australian Cricket Board.

But what if an opposition player is just too good, well get the Umpires to report him for chucking, like the y did with Murlia, Aktar and Bond.

I applaud India for being the first Nation to stand up against this Cheating, its taken 20 years for someone tho say something, perhaps now cricket can clean up its game.

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