Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fox News

The Fox News Network in the United States is either Loved or Hated, depending on your political View. Those that hate it, say "Its nothing but a mouthpiece for the GOP" and those that love it, say "Its fair and balanced unlike the Liberal Media" Fox News is Unique in one way, unlike CNN which has three different versions, one for America, one for Europe and One for the Asia/Pacific region, or BBC News that has a Feed for Europe and a Feed for the rest of the world, Fox News broadcasts its USA feed to the entire Planet.

So is it Fair and Balance? or does it lean dramatically to the right? As a NewZealander I think I can be open minded about it. First the positive, when it comes to Breaking News no one does it better, they have the money and resources to be on top of the other News Networks, they seem to get the best footage, either of people celebrating something or of a disaster.

Unfortunately for Fox, most the time, its just plain Fluff, almost Tabloid, flashing news banners, telling the viewer they must be ALERT for the next story, its also very very repetitive in the items that they have.

The Issues they cover seem to appeal more to Right Wing Voters, Securing the Border, Fighting the Terrorists, so they are IMHO trying to appeal to that demographic.

A few of there reporters are Hard Core Republicans, Sean Hannity, John Gibson and they seem to enjoy attacking the Clinton's every chance, but there is hardly any criticism of George W Bush.

My Personal take is, They should be Pro America, there are too many people on the Planet that Knock America no matter what they do, and being someone that Loves what America has done for the World, its Frustrating hearing Anti American comments all the time, I just wish Fox News was Pro America instead of JUST pro Republican.

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Anonymous said...

Fox is pro American, in no way can you claim that they are a Republican mouthpiece.

Fox are good at exposing the lies and double standard of the Democrats, this is why they are the most trusted news agency in the USA.