Monday, January 14, 2008

Does Geogre Strait get a Free Ride in the Media?

He's the King of Country Music, 26 years at the top and nearly every album that he has done, has had five star reviews from the Nashville/Country music media.

Last year, he released a CD called "22 More Hits", it followed on from his 2006 CD "50 Greatest Hits"

The media lapped it up, saying "King George has done it again" and "Strait taking care of the Fans"

This was his Ninth collection of previously released material in a 26 year career.

Yet the same Journalists, who applaud Strait for doing this, ripped into Garth Brooks for releasing his Second Greatest Hits CD in 18 years, saying comments like "Another repacked set for Garth" and "Garth being unkind to Fans"

So is their a bias towards George Strait in Nashville, nearly every George Strait review also has negative comments to other artists in Nashville, Eg: Garth, Shania, Kenny, Toby.

I say there may be a bit of Politics involved. MCA is a powerful label and George definitely has Friends in High Places, If your an upcoming Journalist in Nashville, your not going to write anything negative about Mr Strait.

Don't get me wrong, There is a reason why George Strait is called "The King of Country Music"
He puts out an album nearly every year of pure country music.

I would just like Country Music Journalists to go over him with the same tooth comb that they use on Shania, Toby, Kenny and Garth, but that anit going to happen.

This year Mr Strait may release another collection of songs that have been released already, the media will Love it.

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