Tuesday, January 22, 2008

BlackCaps Versus England

The most Important cricket series in years for New Zealand is coming up, we are playing England in 20/20 matches, One Dayers and most importantly, Test Matches. So what's going happen? It all depends on a Player who may or not be playing. Bond, Shane Bond.

In the 20/20's and One Dayers, the Blackcaps can beat any team on any day, in that form of the game, the Batsmen are King, we have the heavy hitters so even if the bowlers give up 300+ runs in the 50 over version and 200 runs in the 20/20 it might not matter because of our batting strength down the order.

The Tests are a different matter, we need 20 wickets to win a match, without Bond we wont, break it down, Martin may be good for Five in a match, Vettori four if we are lucky, Mills and Oram wont get 11 between them.

So it all comes down to Bond, without him the Blackcaps will go down 3-0.

The English wont take us seriously and that will be thier downfall if Bond Plays, they will take this series as a warm up for a more important team, not a good idea when you are facing someone that bowls 150 Kilometers per hour.

If we win, the media will credit of Course Bond and other well performing players, if we lose the series it will be bye bye Braces and maybe Vettori as captain, which will be unfair to Vettori, it seems the NZ Media cant see anyone beginning captain but Fleming, I think they forget his few years as captain when we lost everything.

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Anonymous said...

I thought Bond was pretty much out of it. NZC have taken a tough stance, and though I believe we should see him one last time,...........I doubt it.
England are too strong. Peterson, Hoggard, Cook, Bell, Harmison (maybe) and Collingwood are their world class players. We have Flem, Vettori and Oram. Our second tier players are very, very average, compared to the Poms who by no means superstars are experienced professionals.

We do have home advantage but I predict 2-0 England in the Tests, the ODI closer.