Thursday, January 31, 2008

Seinfeld the Greatest Sitcom Ever?

What made Seinfeld so good? What made it head and shoulders above any other comedy of the 90's putting it in the same League as Mash or The Office and Extras. Was it the fact that they touch on Issues no other Sitcom would touch, in a brilliantly beautifully written Ambiguous style.

Was it the fact that there were no sentimental moments that would touch the Heart Strings? Was it they played on People's stereotypes of the ethnic makeup of NewYork, Was it the Underrated timing of Julia Louis Dreyfus, the Physical Comedy of Michael Richards or Jerry Seinfeld himself?

IMHO, it all came down to George Costanza, played to by Perfection by Jason Alexander. George was Self centered, Neurotic, Lazy, Self Loathing, had dismal relationships with Woman, had Lying down to an art, was never successful in anything he did, thus he protayed a Male most men can identified with.

He was short, fat, Bald, Unemployed and lived with his parents for most of the series, who still treated him like a child.

When I think back of all my Favorite Seinfeld scenes, George is in all of them, The Episode when he told a coworker "Well the Jerk Store, called and they are running out of you" is probably one of my Top Five Episodes.

The very best scene with George though is from "The Soup Nazi" and it really wasn't a funny line, it just summed up his personality to a tee. There he was, lined up to get Soup, Nervous as Hell that he wouldn't be served, he asked for his soup, like a child would, he got the Soup, but then he had to question why he didn't get any bread! It was just a typical George thing to do, and summed up his personality.

Without a Doubt, George has to be one of the most beloved sitcom charcarter of all time, for the fact that he was Human.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fox News

The Fox News Network in the United States is either Loved or Hated, depending on your political View. Those that hate it, say "Its nothing but a mouthpiece for the GOP" and those that love it, say "Its fair and balanced unlike the Liberal Media" Fox News is Unique in one way, unlike CNN which has three different versions, one for America, one for Europe and One for the Asia/Pacific region, or BBC News that has a Feed for Europe and a Feed for the rest of the world, Fox News broadcasts its USA feed to the entire Planet.

So is it Fair and Balance? or does it lean dramatically to the right? As a NewZealander I think I can be open minded about it. First the positive, when it comes to Breaking News no one does it better, they have the money and resources to be on top of the other News Networks, they seem to get the best footage, either of people celebrating something or of a disaster.

Unfortunately for Fox, most the time, its just plain Fluff, almost Tabloid, flashing news banners, telling the viewer they must be ALERT for the next story, its also very very repetitive in the items that they have.

The Issues they cover seem to appeal more to Right Wing Voters, Securing the Border, Fighting the Terrorists, so they are IMHO trying to appeal to that demographic.

A few of there reporters are Hard Core Republicans, Sean Hannity, John Gibson and they seem to enjoy attacking the Clinton's every chance, but there is hardly any criticism of George W Bush.

My Personal take is, They should be Pro America, there are too many people on the Planet that Knock America no matter what they do, and being someone that Loves what America has done for the World, its Frustrating hearing Anti American comments all the time, I just wish Fox News was Pro America instead of JUST pro Republican.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Why is Good bad? My Question to the Media

The Media never ceases to Amaze me. Take the Entertainment Media for example, if an Artist smashes up a Hotel Room, the Media applauds it and says the Artist is living the life of a Rock star, if an artist beats up his Girlfriend/Wife in a drug induced rage, the media says "the artist needs helps in balancing his awesome music with his private life. If an artist in their mid 20's has sex with someone underaged, its celebrated and put on the Internet.

If an artist and mother of two chooses to go out and do the party rounds instead of looking after her two children, she is considered Cool and Hip. If a Rap artist shoots someone they are considered a Gangsta and someone to be admired.

Yet if an Artist does a ton of charity work during their career and have never been arrested in their life the media rips into them for being a Square or Cheesy or Nerdy.

The question of why is bad good has been answered so many times, but what about the question, Why is Good bad?

Why is it that not only famous people who have a good reputation,( eg: Garth Brooks, Celine Dion, George Strait and Tom Hanks) get a hard time in the media for doing charity work, but non famous people also?

The Kid who threw a party in Australia causing 20 thousand dollars worth of damage to his neighbours was made out to be a hero and has now been offered a 100K a year job, the Neighbours were put on TV and called party poopers despite over the years working hard to make their neighbour a nice and safe place to live?

People here in Christchurch who wanted to make the streets safe from boy racers, were ripped into by The Press for not understanding the needs of young people, but the Boyracers themselves got a Job, blogging for this so called newspaper.

So why don't the media get it? For years they having been saying Bad is Good, but now they have overstep the mark by saying , Good is Bad.

I don't have the answer why they do this, can someone tell me?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Shane Bond Your Out

Bond, Shane Bond, has decided to take the money and run, and leave the New Zealand Cricket team in the lurch. Now if your a New Zealand cricket player and your employer is only offering you around 400 thousand a year and someone else offers you more than that for 44 days work, you would be a fool not to take the other offer, right?

Well yes, in Normal situations, but this not a normal situation. You see, Shane Bond has been plagued by injuries his whole career, and year after year after year, even though he wasn't playing, the NewZealand Cricket Bosses, decided to make him a "Top 20 Contracted Player" anyway, in the hope that when he is over his injury that he will once again represent his country and take the New Zealand cricket to the top of the world again.

Mr Bond didn't see it this way, despite being happy enough to collect nearly a Million dollars over the past seven years for hardly playing a match for his country, now that he is fit, he has told New Zealand cricket to shove it, hes taking the money in a rebel competition and he will never play for his country again.

Don't get me wrong, if a player such as Fleming or Vettori went that would be fine, they have both played for their country year after year for over years and deserve to go overseas and earn the big bucks.

But Shane Bond has sat by, while the New Zealand Cricket Council has paid him for doing nothing, and now that's hes healthy hes leaving his country at a time when we need him most.

Shame on you, Mr Bond.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

T Bag for President 2008

I have announced my support for TBag to become President in 2008, now I personally cant vote because I'm not an American and he is a fictional person, I would still like to see him become President of the USA in 2008.

Tbag will make a great President, take a look at actions on Prison Break, he takes no crap from that Pretty Boy Michael, he wouldn't let the corporation walk over him, he knows what people he needs beside him to make it.

He wont let anyone boss him around unless he can come out a winner. Let's face it who would you rather have negotiating with Saudi Arabia to lower the oil price, Huckabee, Hillary or Tbag?

I know who would get the job done and what about talks with North Korea, and if any Hippy starts talking about global warming, well it wont just be Tbag left with one hand.

His economic policy is same as his policy on religion "God helps those, who helps themselves" (Quote from Season three) So he is for more free enterprise, which must be good for the Nation.
He will have the USA up and running.

I hope he runs as an independent, I think he can win, and we will all be better off with Tbag as the leader of the free world.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

BlackCaps Versus England

The most Important cricket series in years for New Zealand is coming up, we are playing England in 20/20 matches, One Dayers and most importantly, Test Matches. So what's going happen? It all depends on a Player who may or not be playing. Bond, Shane Bond.

In the 20/20's and One Dayers, the Blackcaps can beat any team on any day, in that form of the game, the Batsmen are King, we have the heavy hitters so even if the bowlers give up 300+ runs in the 50 over version and 200 runs in the 20/20 it might not matter because of our batting strength down the order.

The Tests are a different matter, we need 20 wickets to win a match, without Bond we wont, break it down, Martin may be good for Five in a match, Vettori four if we are lucky, Mills and Oram wont get 11 between them.

So it all comes down to Bond, without him the Blackcaps will go down 3-0.

The English wont take us seriously and that will be thier downfall if Bond Plays, they will take this series as a warm up for a more important team, not a good idea when you are facing someone that bowls 150 Kilometers per hour.

If we win, the media will credit of Course Bond and other well performing players, if we lose the series it will be bye bye Braces and maybe Vettori as captain, which will be unfair to Vettori, it seems the NZ Media cant see anyone beginning captain but Fleming, I think they forget his few years as captain when we lost everything.

A Kiwi's Take on This Years Superbowl

In 1986, a friend of the family came back to NewZealand with some videos of the NFL, to this NewZealander, it was a strange game, for people in this part of the world who like Rugby League and Rugby Union. The Game in the 80's was called Gridiron here.

Over the next few years, I kept an eye out on all the results and then in 1992, NewZealand finally caught up with the times and got Satellite TV and I could watch the games. In my visits to the States I have always tried to catch some games, for myself the only sport I get more enjoyment out of is cricket.

I have supported a few teams over the Years, The Denver Broncos, (Because of John Elway) The Arizona Cardinals (having seen a few of their games on my visits to the states) and The Pittsburgh Steelers. ( I think Bill Cowar is nuts)

So after following the game for over the past 20 years, I think i can make a prediction.

The New England Patriots will win the Superbowl, now I'm not going deep into analysis. I just have a few reasons, of course Tom Brady is the number one reason, number two they must be scared sh*tless of falling at the last hurdle and most of all, I think The Pats are like the Germany Soccer team, they are very efficient in what they do, they are not going to make mistakes, everything will be structured and every player knows their place, they run their drills better than anybody else.

So come the Superbowl, I'm sorry Giants fans, but your team is going end up being a Quiz Question on a reality TV Show, "Who did the Pats beat to go unbeaten in the 07/08 Season?

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Gangsta Rappers from NewZealand with myspace pages

If you go on to myspace, you will a lot of young people between the ages of 14-25 from Christchurch, NewZealand, who call themselves Gangsta Rappers. Now these people aren't saying they love the Rap genre, they are saying, that they, themselves are Gangsta Rappers.

You kinda guess that they aren't because not many Gangsta Rappers have their mothers buy shirts for them from Hallenstines Department Store. Gangsta Rappers also don't talk about how they can get Giggy with their Wiggy, I don't really want to picture what that means.

But hey, according to thier myspace pages, these little white kids from NewZealand, are on to it, they use terms like Ni**a, Wigga, Cracker, Homeees, and of course they have the hand gestures down pact, thier mums must also have given them an Eminem poster for Xmas.

They have thier caps on backwards, one guy even wanted to thank his Crew.

Now anybody who has ever visited America or have associated with Real Urban Americans in the Poverty cycle, know how far from the truth these kids are. I really don't have the heart to tell them, that those sayings they are coming up with, the clothes that they are wearing or the hand gestures, were thought up buy a think tank of White Middle Age Men in Madison Avenue to sell products to kids that Don't know better, and if these guys ever came across a Real Gangsta Rapper they would probably get the snot beaten out of them being so stereotypical.

I guess what I'm saying is, nobody who has ever been part of that life for real, would go on myspace and called themselves a Gangsta. My advice to them, if you want to be come a Rapper, go to states, send demos to the labels, play club after club, but lose the myspace page. The only artist who ever started with a myspace page and ended up going multiplatinum and winning Grammys was Lee Brice, a country music artist.

Friday, January 18, 2008

What we Need is a Really Great Day to Make the Most of Every Moment

That was the start of the theme to an ad of McDonald's in the early 90's. Tonight's Blog was going to be about, white teenagers in Christchurch, New Zealand who have myspace pages, who for some reason call themselves Gangsta Rappers.

But I read a story today, that is quite disturbing, The Employment Relations Authority (ERA) has ordered a Blogger to stop writing about his time at McDonald's. Now I can understand, a Lawyer for Macca's suing this kid for writing whats in the secret sauce or giving details of Pay Rates.

But What right has the ERA got to tell someone, what they can write on thier own blog, he wasn't giving away company secrets, he was just telling the public about some of the conditions that may or may not applied to his store.

Lets face it, the Fast Food Industry is a Hell of a Place to work, I worked in a certain Fast Food Outlet in the early 90's, we had about two or three managers who treated people like garbage, they would tell you that you were the worst F***** worker there, at the end of a shift they would clock you out and tell you to keep working, breaks were normally a pot of Gold at the end of a rainbow that you will never get or reach.

For some reason we were told to put the recycle bags and the normal rubbish in the same compactor, and when we went to get our pay slips, on many occasions we were underpaid, I remember getting told to work on even when I had a badly burn hand or got stung by a wasp.

Although, the Owner and Store Manager were great.

Anyway back to the matter in Hand, I know the law says you cant give out privileged information even once you have left a company, but the stuff this guy was writing was common knowledge and surly the ERA has no right whatsoever to tell someone what they can write on a blog hosted on an international server?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Why Do Socialists think Free Speech only applies to them?

Why do Socialists think Free Speech only applies to them? There was a protest by an extreme left wing group of Socialists here in New Zealand a few weeks ago. As usual they were protesting against the Police, they thought Police didn't have the right to Tazer violent criminals and the Police should just walk away when confronted by these losers.

Well they were marching, and screaming, "Stand up, Not Shut Up", when a member of the Public made a comment that he supports the Police use of tazers.

Well that is when the Sh*t really hit the fan. About three of these Socialists went up to the man and told him to F*ck off and screamed Free Speech to him, when ever he tried to talk, they would shout, F*ck off, "Free Speech"

Am I'm the only person who finds this strange? I found this is very much across the board with those on the extreme left. They make a big fuss if they think their voices or point of view are being silenced by the Police or Media, but if anyone has a different world view than them, they tell you to Shut Up.

I think, they need to grow up.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ricky Gervais is a Genius

Ricky Gervais is a Genius. He has just won his third Golden Globe, his Show Extras won for best Comedy. There is no one like him in television, he and his co writer/creator Stephen Merchant have come on to a winning streak with The Office and Extras being regarded as the best comedies of the past 1o anywhere on the Globe.

Why?, because they write for themselves, they write what THEY think is funny and they really couldn't care what the public or the critics think, and that's why it works.

The final ever Extras should be shown to any so called Celeb who wants to be Famous, any kid who has a myspace space and calls themselves a Gangster rapper, to people Like Britney, or Paris, for its sheer Genius, nothing else has come close to getting it right on the button how Pathetic and sad people who love the Celeb lifestyle are.

Most of all it was funny and a bit of Sadness thrown in, Poor wee Maggie!

So if you want to watch the best programme you will see in 2008, rent out The Extras Xmas Special, you will be having a laugh!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

India has been cheated Out by Australia

Like most Cricket Test Nations playing Australia in Australia, India has been cheated. That is the only word for it. Bad Umpiring is one thing, Bad Umpiring when all the Decisions go in Favour of the home Team is also terrible, but let there be no mistake this is cheating.

Ever since 1987, when New Zealand were Cheated out by a so called mistake, Australia has realized, they can have a helping hand whenever needed. We thought the problem was solved with neutral umpires, alas though this wasn't the case.

After every test series, the Home cricket board, rates what Umpires you want back for the following season, if your an Westernn International Umpire, you are going to want a good report, you would rather be applying your Trade in Sunny Australia than in Pakistan, India and Sri lanka and you certainly don't wont to be headed off to Zimbabwe.

TV Ratings of course go up when the home side is winning, crowds are larger, thus more revenue for the Australian Cricket Board.

But what if an opposition player is just too good, well get the Umpires to report him for chucking, like the y did with Murlia, Aktar and Bond.

I applaud India for being the first Nation to stand up against this Cheating, its taken 20 years for someone tho say something, perhaps now cricket can clean up its game.

George is spelt G E O R G E not GOD, but he's still a great guy

Judging by reaction from the good folk at countryweekly, they disagree that the media gives George Strait a Free Ride. Perhaps the words Free Ride were too harsh, maybe "Treated Differently" would of been a better choice of words.

Apparently George is not to be criticized. He can do no wrong, and hes only been married once to the SAME woman unlike some other artists who had the nerve to get a marketing degree.

I say, the good people over there, and they are good people, missed my point, and my point was about the media who seem to give some artists a hard time, but goes all soft on another for the exact same thing.

Don't get me wrong, Strait is my second favourite artist, between Garth and Randy Travis, hes been a true gentleman and always does country music proud, I just wished the media and maybe some of his fans, understand he is human and should be treated the same as everybody else.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Does Geogre Strait get a Free Ride in the Media?

He's the King of Country Music, 26 years at the top and nearly every album that he has done, has had five star reviews from the Nashville/Country music media.

Last year, he released a CD called "22 More Hits", it followed on from his 2006 CD "50 Greatest Hits"

The media lapped it up, saying "King George has done it again" and "Strait taking care of the Fans"

This was his Ninth collection of previously released material in a 26 year career.

Yet the same Journalists, who applaud Strait for doing this, ripped into Garth Brooks for releasing his Second Greatest Hits CD in 18 years, saying comments like "Another repacked set for Garth" and "Garth being unkind to Fans"

So is their a bias towards George Strait in Nashville, nearly every George Strait review also has negative comments to other artists in Nashville, Eg: Garth, Shania, Kenny, Toby.

I say there may be a bit of Politics involved. MCA is a powerful label and George definitely has Friends in High Places, If your an upcoming Journalist in Nashville, your not going to write anything negative about Mr Strait.

Don't get me wrong, There is a reason why George Strait is called "The King of Country Music"
He puts out an album nearly every year of pure country music.

I would just like Country Music Journalists to go over him with the same tooth comb that they use on Shania, Toby, Kenny and Garth, but that anit going to happen.

This year Mr Strait may release another collection of songs that have been released already, the media will Love it.

Opening Post

This is my opening post on my blog. This blog is going to be about the Media/ Sports/Music/Politicans.

I hope ya'all find it interesting.

Im a 30 something male from New Zealand.