Monday, June 11, 2018

Garth Brooks Big Announcement July 9th

Garth Brooks big announcement will be made,
July 9th.

It's the biggest thing he has ever been involved with,
and is to do with music and also to do with touring

He needed Federal Government approval for this.

The countdown is on.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The New Zealand Rugby Fan and Media: Hypocritical Ugly and Outright Wrong

There has never been  in the History of sport, a
group of people who have been so Hypocritical,
thinned skinned, precious, ugly and outright

I'm of course talking about the New Zealand
Rugby media and the New Zealand Rugby Fan.

It's been a life time for me, of verbal and sometimes
Physical abuse from Rugby fans, if you dare say anything
less than  "The All Blacks  (All Blacks is the nickname of
the New Zealand rugby team) are the greatest athlete's on
Earth, all hell breaks loose.

Started when I was six, and a teacher told us, that we could
play Soccer, Rounders or Rugby.  As we were leaving the
class room, a friend, said he was going to play  Soccer, I
told him I was going to play Rounders, a kid came from behind,
threw me to the ground and screamed "RUGBY!!!!!!"  then spat
at me.

This blog post would be a War and Peace novel if I listed all the
similar incidents thru out my life.

The mere mention that you like another sport other than Rugby
has the expletives from  Rugby fans flying,  the look of disgust,
the look that you have been brainwashed by other sporting
code if you didn't follow Rugby is beyond belief.

The media has played their part suggesting, for as long as
I can remember, that The All Blacks could play any sport
and make it at the top level, yet the top athlete's from other
codes couldn't even make it in club Rugby.

So after  nearly 50 years of hearing the Rugby Media and
public spout that BullShit, an American Journalist  said and
he was correct, that if NFL players, played Rugby, they would dominate.

The NewZealand media went nuts they lost it, he was doxxed so
New Zealand rugby fans could send him hate mail, he was laughed
at, mocked, abused, yet this is exactly  what our media and public
has always done.

You could ask any New Zealand Rugby fan and they would wrongly tell
you, that the All Blacks are the fastest and strongest and most
well known sport  people on earth.

This is of course wrong,  they couldn't get anywhere near making
the NFL, they don't have the speed of world class sprinters, their
movement skills, their vertical  leap would see them failing to make
it not only in the world's top sporting comps, but other NewZealand
sporting codes.

But I'm sure the NZ Rugby media and public would think, they
could make the Olympic 100 Meter final, beat our National soccer
team,  make it easy into, not just the Nzl Basketball league, but the
NBA, this is the mindset of the Nzl Rugby public.

Yep that is not a typo, the New Zealand Rugby fan would think
a New Zealand Rugby player could make it into the Top  Basketball
League in the World.

Which is why the reaction to  Espn's  NFL story has pissed me
off so much.

Our Rugby media has no right to be angry, they're without a doubt
the biggest Hypocrites  in terms of sporting media on Earth. It's
mindblowing for them to have this reaction, to ridicule a Journo
(Who BTW is correct)  who wrote that NFL players could make it in Rugby
is the height of Hypocrisy.

The thing is, they're wrong, so wrong,  The All Blacks are not
the greatest athlete's on earth, they're aren't even close to being
New Zealand's best athlete's.

Maybe the NewZealand Rugby Fan and Media aren't self aware, or
just don't want to face up to the truth, so they will continue to be
so so Hypocritical on a level that no other fans of a sporting code
have ever been.

They do though need to face facts...

The All Blacks are insignificant on the Global sporting scene.


If the USA took Rugby as seriously as they took  Basketball, if
Europe took Rugby as seriously as they took Soccer, the  All
Blacks would be thrashed by 50 points in every match.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Garth Brooks Big Announcement Is

There is a new album coming (we already knew that)
There will be some new tour dates (we already knew that)
There will be a appearance at the CMA Fest. (we didnt know that)

Thats it.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Garth Brooks Announcement Will Be Made June 4th

Garth Brooks will make his big announcement
on June 4th  (USA Time) on  Studio G.

The long wait is over and all will be revealed.

Not long to go now.

Lets hope it's a good one.

Time will tell.

June 1st and No Announcement from Garth Brooks

In true Garth Brooks fashion,  there was no
announcement from Garth Brooks  on June 1st.

Fans now must wait  till the next Studio G, which
is schedule for June 4th.

If his recent track record stays the same, there may
not be a Studio G on June 4th.

Garth Brooks may of been a marketing Whizz in
the 90's,  but his track record since 2014 in trying
to put huge projects together and failing, would see him fired
from any middle management  job in any firm in the

From Croke Park,  To Ghost Tunes,  to a decent digital
platform, to organize the overseas portion of the world
tour,  now this, what was suppose to be the biggest thing
he has ever done, and been talked about for what seems like
years, may now not  happen.

To call it dead in the water, is unfair, we have to wait till
Monday, but if this thing doesnt happen, then Garth Brooks
seriously has to look at the people he has working for him,
he has to look at his advisors, people he trusts the most,
because they havent got the job done.

Here's hoping this is just a  minor hiccup, and come Monday
he has pulled it off, fingers and toes are crossed.

Time will tell.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Garth Brooks Biggest Ever Announcement

June 1st 2018.

The Final countdown is on, until Garth Brooks
makes the biggest announcement of his career.

For years now, hes been hinting at, this is the
biggest thing he's been invovled in, but he cant
say anything yet.

He's been saying so much has to come together.

Then earlier this year, he said come April, he will
announce it,  then he said, come stage coach, he will
announce it, then finally on  the Studio  G after stage
coach, he gave the announcement date.  That date is

June 1st 2018.  A Friday in the USA,  what a great way to
end the working week.

He also said he will go deeper into detail on  Studio G
on June 4th.

But Friday the announcement will come, how big is this thing?

Out of Garth's own mouth,  Playing on the Moon, wont be as
big as this.  Hes never done anything like this before.

Part of the announcement is expected to be part of some
kind of tour,  but wait there's more!!!   This wont be
just a usual  Arena tour, and there is far far more to the
announcement than a tour, and its going to be, as Garth
said  "Game Changing" for the music  industry.

It's a huge year for Garth, he has a new studio album
coming,  a live album taken from his 2014-2017 North
American Tour, a Live Anthology taken from his early
days of touring and possibly a DVD  companion from
his first Anthology released in 2017.

But it's this upcoming announcement that has captured
Garth Fans, because Garth has been talking about this
for ages and getting so pumped up without dropping hints that
may give it a way.  Overseas fans are getting excited also,
just incase we are part of it.

But this thing will be Game changing and the biggest thing
Garth has ever done and this is from a man who played to
a million people in Central Park.

Only a few days to go now.

My brain is working overtime, wondering what it is.

June 1st 2018 will possibly be the biggest day of Garth
Brooks's career, what will it be???

Time will tell.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Mike Hosking is Satan

Mike Hosking is Satan.

That has to be it.

He is the worst person on earth.

He dare to suggest that Pre School teachers
shouldn't be on the same pay rate as High School

All Hell broke lose, the abuse he took on twitter
and other forms of social media was so rabid, the
name calling, the hate, the usual comments directed
at  his car, his house, how much money he is reported
to have, the cheering each other on as post after post,
told us what a vile little man he is, he must have
short guy syndrome, he's worst than Napoleon.

His original video he did, is now being trolled big time,
thanks to a blogger at the spin off, the same blogger
who thru the years has signed petition after petition
to get him fired.

The irony of it is, this blogger has a mantra of being
against  unsolicited comments, they also have a habit of
trying to pick a fight with those in the public eye, hoping
their supporters will go to the social media site of their
victim, to get a reaction from a  known person to further
up their profile.

But back to Satan, I mean Mike Hosking.  He didn't say,
"Pre school teacher should be made to work 16 hours a day"
He didn't say, "They should read John Key's  Autobiography
to their three to four year old students.

He made a clear point of view, that the jobs are completely different.

I agree,  you wouldn't  pay a High school teacher, the same as  a Uni
professor, they may work just as hard, but it would be darn right
stupid to do so.

But hey, dear old Mike Hosking, who apparently doesn't live in the
real world, he spends his time, jumping into his pool of gold coins
while eating steak and Lobster for breakfast.

In reality though he is a man with kids, going thru the same parenting
issue as parenting bloggers.

Too bad the parenting Bloggers,  seem to have no problem with
ripping into other parents, (while criticizing this very action) that
don't share their world view.

Whats next??

Protests outside Mike's House.

Its getting that way.

Maybe bloggers, should take their own advice, about
"Unsolicited Comments"

Time will tell.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Garth Brooks is writing Lots of Screen Plays!!

On his Studio G on his facebook, Garth Brooks
took another twitter question asking about screenplays
and if he was writing one.

He answered, YES,  and that he is always writing
screen plays.

The cool part for me about this was, it was me, that had
tweeted the question!!!

I got a question on studio G, answered!!!!

Persistent pays offs!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Garth Brooks Writing a ScreenPlay

Garth Brooks is writing a Screenplay.

Or is he???

On Studio G, in the Ask Garth, segment, someone
ask him about writing and Garth replied that he goes
to another dimension when writing screenplays.

That he laughs out loud at 2am when writing the

So can we expect a movie from Garth? Was this
just something to get people talking.  Is Garth
actually writing a movie, or will this just be
something that will never get mentioned

If it's a movie, I hope its a thriller, I hope it's
hard hitting, I dont want some cheese fest  life
time movie channel BS.

Garth is an amazing writer, if he does do a movie,
I would expect it to blow people away.

So is he writing or not?

Fingers and toes are crossed.

Time will tell.

Monday, April 16, 2018

One Year ago: The End of the North American LEG of the World Tour

About one year ago, Garth Brooks started sending
out wee video clips, prior to announcing what USA
city will be next on his, ahem, WORLD TOUR.

In the video clip on his Twitter and Facebook, the
words appeared  "The End of the North American

A year later and your overseas fans are still waiting
for the START  of the overseas LEG of the world

Garth is expected to make an annoucement on Studio
G  the week after Stage Coach.

If Garth say's,  plans have changed, and he is just going
to a few Stadiums in the USA and not play outside the USA,
I'm okay with that.

Of course if he annouces overseas date's, I will be thrilled.

But if he gives the same answer of "We don't know we are in
talks" or doesn't mention it at all, I will never trust anything
he says again.

That will be simply unfair to his overseas fans.

Time will tell.

Tall Ferns Tournament Stats

Bygate 6/10 60%
Zillings 1/2 50%
Hunter 18/44 40%
Toni 17/38 44%
Cocks 33/74 44%
Walker 26/66 39%
 Paalvast 13/36 36%
Taylor 24/68 35%
Stockhill 7/23 35%
Rooney 5/16 31%
Purcell 12/44 27%
Franklin 0/4 0%

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Tall Ferns Win Bronze

Congrats to the Tall Ferns for winning Bronze
against Canada at the  CW Games.

The team bounced back after getting walloped
by Australia in the semi.

M. Cocks once again led the way and had to
be player of the tournament, her class shined thru.

Where to now for the Tall Ferns,  they must look
at our players overseas, the gulf between us and
Australia was horrible, the local players just dont
have the competition to improve their game, they
must get to the states or Europe or Asia, that is the
only way we can at least compete with the powerhouses.

That's for the future though, in the mean time, I hope the
Tall Ferns enjoy their bronze medal.

Well done to them!!