Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Announcement: Garth Brooks is NOT the marketing genuis people think he is.....

For the life of me, Garth is not the marketing
genius people think he is. He just cant be, when
you have other artists doing projects and marketing
them far superior, how can Garth be called a genius
in marketing since his comeback.

Lets compare Garthy boy to other big names.

While groups like  Metallica/ Pearl Jam/ Kiss
are going deep into their vault and releasing
footage from their hey day, such as Metallica
releasing full concerts they did in the 80's to
youtube, and you must remember these weren't
tv specials or concerts they released on DVD a
decade later, these were from their own personal
vault, shows they filmed and never released until

Or what about Kiss when they did their Anthology
and included full concerts that hadn't been seen before
on TV or home video or DVD.

Then you got Pearl Jam, who's always had a habit of
giving their fans, countless hours of concert footage that
hasn't been slickly produced for a network tv special, just
rare and raw material that their fans crave.

Garth has gone the opposite way, Garth's who's own people
filmed his concerts in the 90's, then there was the Irish film
crew The Dream chasers who filmed every concert of his
1994 world tour, and what about crazy duck productions
who filmed a ton of concerts from his USA 1993 tour,
that footage has never never been released.

Instead Garth put his 1998 album double live in his 2018
Anthology, in his doco on netflix  "The Road I'm on"
he just included clips from This is Garth Brooks and his
1994 special Trying to rope the world.

I think Garth is in for a hell of a shock later this year.

I think he's going to make announcement after announcement
after announcement all leading to him finally saying The album
Fun (which he took pre pay orders in June 2018) will be released
on Black Friday.

The 12 song album , five of which have already been released will
not be regarded as a present/gift to his fans, the talk will be, finally
he's released it.

It will also look bad on his part if in the week of the album Fun,
Beyonce released  a 12 disc/ six DVD mega set,  or Green Day
releases the 90's collection,  20 full concerts from their European
tour of the 90's that has never been see before,  or My Chemical
romance release a package that includes rare footage thats been
in their vault for decades, etc etc etc etc.

How can Garth then say, "Hey guys, here is my new album you have
waited two and half years for, it has 12 songs on it.
All of Garth's critics call him a marketing genius, but what has happened
since his comeback is anything but.

I just hope it doesn't get to the stage where it effects his legacy.

Time will tell.

Garth Brooks announcement is...

If you buy his Legacy collection from talkshop live,
you have a chance to win an autograph poster of Garth Brooks.

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Garth Brooks Announcement September 8th USA Time

Once again, we are on the eve of a Garth Brooks
announcement, what will it be tomorrow????

Release date for Triple Live?

Release date for Fun?

Garth's long awaited digital/Tech??

The concert dates for 2021??

A special autograph thing you can buy exclusive with
Talk Shop Live?

Garth doing a metallic and releasing  full  never before concerts from
his heyday, in the 90's?

Going VR???

There is so many thing sit could be.

In all honesty though it may be something quite simple and
not ground breaking and earth shattering.

Who knows???

Time will tell.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Garth Brooks to Make an Annoucement in September

Garth Brooks has an announcement in September,  it will be a joint
announcement with a retailer, it's not expected to be his new album

So the guessing game starts again, although it's quite simple to
work out this time.

I would say, it has to be one of two projects.

The Standalone Triple Live with the extra songs on it.

Or a special 30yr edition of his 1990 album No Fences.

We will find out in September.

Time will tell.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Garth Brooks Announcement is...

He will take his name out of contention from the
"Entertainer of the year" category at future CMA's.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Garth Brooks Annoucement is NOT going to be a Commerical one

Today on Studio G, Garth Brooks said his announcement
on Wednesday 10am Nashville USA time, is not a commerical

I repeat it's not a commercial one.

He did hint it's about his career.

I'm thinking it's going to be one of two things...

Some sort of Museum, that will have historical
significant to his career, a place you can go and
maybe see some of his multi platinum records etc,
sort of a version of Randy Travis's store, but more
a History of Garth's career.

Or it could be to announce, his new RIAA numbers,
he hasnt really certified anything lately.

Although, I have just read on the Planet Garth forums,
the poster DuckStreetCowboy is suggesting that it might not be a happy
announcement, because when talking about it, he seem solemn.

Only two sleeping nights to find out.

Time will tell.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Garth Brooks Big Annoucement July 29th

Country singer, Garth Brooks has  a major annoucement
schedule for July 29th USA time.

Since his comeback in 2014, Garth Brooks has had a history
of making announcements, sometimes delaying them, sometimes
hinting that they may be bigger than they're, and sometimes the
announcement exceeds expectations.

Normally you have some idea what the annoucement will invovle,
but this one seems to be out of left field.

He can't announce, any staidum shows because of covid, the
annoucement is not about the new album "Fun" which is expected in the
fall, or the anthology which he is still working on.

The best bet will be to think, that perhaps it's an upcoming
TV special, but of what???

Garth films everything, but I doubt it will be one of his staidum
shows or arena shows, since we have had so many in the past
to enjoy.

I'm guessing it will be a TV special of one of his "Dive Bar"

That would be brilliant, it's Garth in his element, a 75 minute set
in front of a small  packed crowd.

So my fingers and toes are crossed for some Garthy Goodness.

A Dive Bar TV special!!??

Time will tell.

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Who's Better at Sports Picks? Steve Stevens, Myself or the crazy monkey at Tahuna Zoo

This post was inspired by Nolan Dalla who
wrote a blog piece, ways to tell if a sports
Handicapping service is dishonest.

I immediately thought of Steve Stevens A.K.A
Darin Notaro who owns VIP Sports Las Vegas.

Nolan listed 10 ways sports touts are dishonest and
Steve Stevens ticked all the boxes.

Steve uses a pseudonym, he does social media videos
showing he lives a high roller life style, talks of his
new Rolls Royce, and of course, the big one, he has never
given out evidence of his win-loss record.

He touts a 70%-80% winning record without any proof,
and proof is so so hard to find.

Actual sports handicappers will tell you, the best are the ones
that don't blow their own trumpet, they publish  their results
after the fact and they will hit around 55%.

So back to Steve, I could only find two sites that had publish
results from him and his company.

One was a youtube video that bought a week's package and
they stated that he hit  just under 40%, another publish
the results from a few years back , of someone who bought
a package from one of his workers who appeared in the
Money talks reality show, and that person  hit 42%,  hardly

It must be stated on both cases they didnt show the actual
documentation, but one look at Steve's social media video's
and his trouble with telemarketing from way back, I tend
to believe what I have read about him, he's just a Vegas
Dave, with slightly better production values.

So here is my totally unscientific experiment....

Who is better at sports picks?????


The crazy ass monkey at Tahuna park zoo

Or Steve Stevens???

I'm picking The Nelson Giants, the Taranaki Airs
to get wins, and Im also picking  In the Panthers
versus Cowboys game there will be over 43.5 points

The crazy ass Monkey at Tahuna zoo, went crazy when
I gave him my picks, so  he must be going with the
Huskies and the Jets and the Under for the panthers game.

Not sure what Steve Stevens is betting on, not sure if he
will be man enough to give the results after the fact, but
Im guessing either myself or the crazy ass monkey at
Tahuna zoo will have a better record.

My main point is, if your touting a 80% winning record,
show people the evidence, otherwise you're just a conman
in a shirt way too small.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Garth Brooks concert to be shown at Drive In's

Garth Brooks announcement was, he has pre taped
a concert, (No audience of course) and that show will
be shown in Drive In's for one night only across the

Tickets will be $100.

Thursday, June 11, 2020


(Update: Garth will make the announcement on Good
Morning America)

Garth Brooks is set to make a historical announcement,
on June 11th.

The reason this may be historical is  because it's expected to
have a VR connection.

A couple of years back Garth hinted that he's teaming up
with a leading tech company that works in VR, it got
people speculating that his Notre Dame concert would
be in VR, that  speculation ended up to be false.

Under Covid 19 aritsts are looking at other ways to
connect with fans, Garth himself is doing the Word
with Friends thing on June 15th, which people
will be able to go online and watch and maybe
even participate

But it's on June 11th, that Garth will finally announce what
he has been hinting about for a long time.

Obviously under Covid 19 rules, he cant have people
attend, unless he is going to fly to New Zealand.

So with what took place  on Studio G, where he showed
us VR stage, it gotta be a  live concert filmed in VR
with no people, except millions around the world on
the internet.

If this is the case that will be amazing to see, how he
and his band interacts with the cameras, how he can
perform a live show without the element of a loud
crowd there is to see him in person.

Garth does have a habit of hinting/suggesting what's
going to happen, then going a complete 180 with an

But with what was shown on Monday, it has to be
a VR concert.

Just one more sleeping night to find out.

Time will tell.

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Steve Tew Screws New Zealand Basketball

Steve Tew has screwed New Zealand

Steve Tew the former head of NZRugby
has decided in his new position as the
man who gets to decided what sports
in New Zealand gets funding to stay
alive, after the effects of covid19, has
decided to give the sport of Basketball
in New Zealand ZERO funding.

All the  while giving millions to insignificant
sports that the world has never heard of,
eg: Netball and Rugby.

There is a reason he has done this, Basketball
is going through a surge in New Zealand and
is deemed to be a threat to his beloved Rugby.

Just like Rugby league was a threat to Union
in the mid 80's, it's now Basketball that is
considered to be the threat to Rugby staying the
number one sport in NewZealand.

Like with the abysmal league bashing that
happened in the 80's, the media stays silent,
they don't dare question anyone from Rugby.

So it's time to call out all those who are complicit in
his decision.

In the 80's it was Journalists like  Brendan Telfer and
Joseph Romanos.

Now its Journos like Andrew Saville and Scotty
Stevenson who seem to be scared to say anything that
doesn't promote Rugby, they will just continue to chant
the lie "Global Global Global" when it comes to their
favorite game.

But Saville and Stevenson aren't the only Journos who cant
wash their hands of this.

I don't care if this sounds like a conspiracy, make no mistake
Basketball has been targeted because it's deem to be a threat,
they want to choke the sport of its lifeblood at the grassroot level.

Its a danger  to their precious Rugby, they know what Basketball can
offer, and will do anything to stop it.

There is not one Mainstream sporting Journo that will call Tew up
on this, it's completely insane that Basketball doesn't get a cent,
and it's also criminal that it doesn't.

I only hope those invovled in running NZBaksetball are more vocal
in their anger, that they've been in the past.

Time will tell.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Breaking News: Garth Brooks Reschedules Charlotte, NC Concert

Garth Brooks has reschedule hias Charlotte
NC concert from June 13th to October 10th.

The sensible move, the right move , the only

All tickets will be honored.

Well done to Garth for putting safety first!