Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Garth's World Tour Turns into Garth's North American Tour

I'm calling it.

Garth Brooks won't tour outside North America on
his current tour.

Thus his WORLD TOUR, should now be called a

This is the second major tour Garth has embarked
on that he  called  a WORLD TOUR, and ended up
just playing North America.

This is 1996/1998 all over again.

This shouldn't have happened again, the planning
should've been done.  Thru out the tour, there was
statement after statement that he will tour Europe,
Australia and New Zealand during his 2014/2017

Then the  usual excuses came out, too many sold out shows in the
States, along with the new excuse of,  I MIGHT support Trisha
Yearwood in her Broadway career instead of touring.

I honesty think Garth never had any intention of touring outside
North America, but it sounded better for the marketing and
promotion to call this a WORLD tour, he also had to keep up
the illusion that he was going to tour this part of the

I think this is extremely unfair to his fans outside the USA and
Canada, we came out in numbers in 1994, yet we always seem to
get a raw deal.

Garth has not officially announce  he wont tour, he's been very
ambiguous with his statements, but I believe this is the case.

I think he just needs to man up and say, he wont be touring,
instead of waiting till December and coming out with something
along the lines he will be supporting Trisha with her career.

I think he owes his fans in Europe, Australia and NewZealand this.

Hopefully he will do the right thing.

Time will tell.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Garth Brooks: Ireland Debacle 2.0


Garth really needs to get his sh*t together.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Emily Writes and Emily Deletes

(The following is JUST my opinion, of what I observed on various
blogs thruout the years, I dont have access to people's original
posts or those involved.)

Well you could see this coming a mile off, a person who spent years
and years on public message boards calling people every word under
the sun, a person who did this on her old blog "boganette" and on
other people's blogs , a person who would falsely accuse people of bullying,
a person who would put someones full name, email address and IP on twitter
so her followers could attack, now has one of the most famous blogs
and read blogs in New Zealand History.

This is someone who copied and paste parts of this blog a few years
ago and when called up on it, told me not to be a dick and its the
internet, and that's what its used for.

 Yet she is now tweeting to people to link in if they dare
copy one word from her new blog.

This is a person who claimed she wrote her first piece of her
new blog, drunk and sitting on the toilet at 3am, yet every word
was spelt perfect and the grammar was correct.

This is a person who once had over 120 thousand tweets and five
thousand followers, yet now the TV/Radio/Print media blitz has started (she has
written a  book)  her tweets are down to 11 thousand. Pretty good PR if you
go to the media with that ratio, she must be good huh.

This is a person who countless times, name called and always played
the victim on any social/political even sporting discussion.

This is a person who despite what appears to have at least four different
 revenue streams is saying shes poor, and needs every bit of help she can get.

Now the media is all over her new blog "Emily Writes" and her new book,
promoting her as a woman who was a victim of bullying on the internet, yet
when she in fact was the one who did the bullying.

Before this media blitz, I'm pretty sure, she had a whole group of her IT people
to delete the worse of worse, so the media (who she has plenty of friends in high
places) is helping protect this myth.

The Ironic thing is, shes writes well, and her blog is helping people,  and this
will be the last time I will mention her, but for all the time, that for over nearly
ten years she criticize others on various messages boards on the internet, being
New Zealand's biggest hypocrite, I would like to say...

I am grateful, well you know the rest.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Alstrom Syndrome

Hello, I have copied and paste this post from the
following website. Please visit this website to learn
and help with a cure for this disease.


The mission of Alstrom Syndrome International (ASI) is:
To provide support, information, and coordination world
-wide to families and professionals in order to treat and
cure Alstrom Syndrome. Alstrom Syndrome is a rare
genetic disorder that affects children from birth. They
 will become blind, hearing impaired, and suffer from
 diabetes as well as enduring multiple organ failure,
including the heart, liver, lungs, and kidneys.

Alstrom Syndrome affects children of all nationalities and ethnicities.
There is no cure yet for Alstrom Syndrome, so physicians
and researchers are working to better understand the
complexities of how the "Alstrom gene" works, and
 to develop better treatments for the multitude of problems
 faced by children with this syndrome. The main program
areas of Alstrom Syndrome International are Research,
 Education, and Family Support. Through its extensive
 contact with families, physicians, and researchers,
 ASI is building a solid core of knowledge and understanding
 about Alstrom Syndrome.

One of the main goals of ASI is to promote, encourage,
and contribute to medical research for better treatments
 and therapies, while remaining focused on an eventua
l cure for Alstrom Syndrome. International Conferences
make it possible for families, care givers, and professionals
 to hear current information on Alstrom Syndrome presented
 by experts on the Syndrome. They offer a unique setting for
 mutual sharing and support. Conferences provide families
 with individual consultation, workshops, and countless
 opportunities to meet and socialize with others, including
 professionals. Each conference incorporates a "research
clinic" where data is collected that can be shared with
 professionals around the world. The ASI Scientific
Advisory Board ,a caring group of specialists, is 'on-call'
to offer help regarding health, development, and education
issues. Contacting the foundation office can access these
 professionals. Educational materials focus on pertinent
 issues and concerns related to Alstrom Syndrome.

The Family Packet includes information on such matters as the
 complex clinical features of Alstrom Syndrome, what is
 known about the ALMS1 gene, and provides a compilation
of medical information on Alstrom Syndrome.

Saturday, September 24, 2016


Congratulations to Garth Brooks, he has become the first
artist to win 7 Diamond awards. Garth Brooks was
previously tied with The Beatles who have six Diamond

The Diamond Award is given to artists who's albums have
sold ten million copies or more in the USA.

It is fitting that an artist who has been so kind to the album,
over the decades achieve this. While other artists seem
to care about singles that  can be downloaded thru digital
media, or how many twitter followers they have, Garth
has taken care of the music.

It's a wonderful moment for us lovers of the album, to
have an artist achieve this.

It's wonderful for country music to have a country artist achieve this

A historic day for Garth Brooks and country music and music in general.

Garth's current tour which has his the Five Million in ticket sales, is on
track to become the biggest attended tour in History, has a busy few
months ahead, with a new studio album planned and other projects
coming up.

With this award tonight, Garth's place in music history has been cemented
 and deservedly so.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sunday, July 3, 2016


Goodbye to Blogging forever.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Thoughts with the People of Orlando

Thoughts go out to the victims and their family and

Stay Strong Orlando.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Monday, May 30, 2016

"The Space Between us" The Most Boring Pathetic Movie in History?

The Space between us.

The US version due for release in August,  will
have to be the most boring pathetic movie ever

I've only seen the trailer and I despise this movie
than the TV show "Super Fun Night".

There have been some BS movies in the past, but
seriously this should win the Oscar for the biggest
BS in History.

Steven Spielberg wouldn't even do a movie like
this, and hes been making BS for year.

So what do we have, a spunky 16 year old kid,
born on Mars, but now headed back to earth,
has fallen in love with a girl on the internet.

But his heart will only work on mars, so does this girl go
to back to mars with him.


I bet there's a lot of mean adults who don't understand
their love and will try and stop them.

I also bet once again, they're Disney teens, hand holding,
maybe a kiss on the lips. (No Tongue this is PG 13)

Movies like this, make me ill, they shouldn't be allowed to
exist. I bet the studio is pumping millions into adverts like
"The Feel Good Summer Movie of the year"

Please don't see this movie.  Again it's more disgraceful
than "Super Fun Night" Hell it's worse than the last 12
Adam Sandler movies put together.

I hope the master copy gets burned and it never sees the
light of day.

The movie world should be so lucky though.

We are stuck with this BS.

Hope it Bombs.