Thursday, July 19, 2018

Travel Advice For Garth Brooks

I was just thinking back to a clip I saw of
Garth Brooks, not sure if it was Studio G or not,
but it was from a couple of weeks ago I think.

In the clip he mentioned places he hasn't played before,
that he would like too, Moscow and Paris.

In Previous statements he has mentioned he would love to play,
Tokyo and Beijing.

Even going back to his Wynn Show in 2010, he also mentioned
 he would love to return to Australia, in a AOL show in
2016 he said he would love to return to New Zealand.

Since about 2010 he has mentioned returning to Scotland and Spain
and Norway, even after the Ireland debacle he has mention in various interviews all
these places he would love to play.

So he does seem to have a desire to play countries
 around the world, some he wants to return to, some
 he wants to visit for the first time, his problem seems to be....

How to Freakin get there, how to organize it all, and whats
 involve with traveling overseas, when he can go, he seems
 to have no idea whatsoever, how this works.

So here's my travel advice for Mr Garth Brooks.

There is an invention called an Airplane, that takes you to these places.

You just need a Passport, and your on your freaking way.

If you don't want to take a whole freakin stage with
 you, then don't, most venues would have a stage.

There is no law saying you have to play a big Mother freakin arena
 or Stadium, plenty of artists have played town halls and theaters,
 its quite easy, Im sure there is a bus schedule that takes you and
your band mates to a venue.

Most these venues in these countries are in town and
indoors so you don't have to put up with a bunch of beer belly,
Brown boys watching, Brexit leaving, inbreed gimps, like those
 that live in Croke.

The rest of the good people of Ireland won't care if
 you do a small concert somewhere else.

Now I know, you said the world part of the tour was
 delayed, because one concert turned into five, and what
 was suppose to be an 18 month tour turned into three years
 (funny enough) you said the same thing about your 1996-1998 tour,
kinda thought you may of seen this coming, but anyway I digress.

Ya see, when you say, you would love to go/play these cities
around the world and then you don't, you come across like that
guy/girl at work who is always saying "I would love to go to
(Insert country name here)" But you know full well, if you bumped
 into that person in 40 years time, they haven't been
  anywhere, it's just all talk

  Every single artist of every single genre has managed
 to get on a plane and traveled where they wanted to go,
 Dixie Chicks played in a field in NewZealand, Carrie Underwood
 played an arena in Europe ,Steve Earl played in a bar in Aussie,
 Willie Nelson has traveled a lot and most of the time he is goofed on skunk weed.

So there is really no issue at all, why you cant do something,
 you really want to do, none whatsoever.

You could get anyway you want to go in 12 hours.

So Hop on one of those new airplane thingy's.

Take Jimmy, Dave and Trisha with you, walk into a local
town hall in Russia or Croatia that may only seat
2000 people and have a blast. You will create memories for yourself.

But if you decide this is not for you, maybe just maybe
 its good idea to stop saying.....

"I would love to play (insert country name) but its too difficult"

That isnt a freaking good look, since traveling
is quiet easy, not that hard.

So get ya passport, take ya hat, and start singing ya fav songs, the world is waiting.

More Announcements from Garth Brooks

On the last studio G, Garth Brooks said there
will be announcements on that show,  he
didn't end up announcing any,  the feed
cut off before it ended, he also said there
will be an announcement in four to five weeks
and another announcement  around October/November.

So the countdown is on again, this time with no actual
hope, as I sort of mention in my last post,  so who
knows, one day Garth might actually announce something,
time will tell.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Garth Brooks and his Announcements

Are we too critical of Garth Brooks and his
habit of making Announcements of future

Since he has come out fully of retirement in
2014, Garth has  a peculiar habit of making
an  Announcement, that he is going to make
an  Announcement at a later date.

When he ends up making an  Announcement
it's normally just to  Announce the date of what
the future  Announcement will be.

This has been ten fold, the past nine months,
and his fanbase has started to call him up
on it, including myself.

So are we too harsh on Mr Garth Brooks.

He has a new college stadium  tour coming
up, a live album,  a studio album and a live
anthology in the works.

But inbetween all these, he continues to
make Announcements that something
Major,  earth shattering is in the works
and he also keeps putting off  making
the actual Announcement, so fans
in the end have no idea what he is
talking about.

Are these  Announcements just about
the new album or tour and how we can
buy the album or purchase tickets?? Or
is it something else.

Today on Studio G, he actually looked
drained with it all, like he knew that he
has to make an Announcement, but
couldn't because of various factors
out of his control.

So despite me being one of his more
vocal critics of the  Announcement to
make  Announcement policy, I'm
going to cut him some slack, and will
wait patiently for the new albums, Live
and Studio, I will hope that he comes to
New Zealand, and if he ever does make
an actual Announcement, I will enjoy it
for what it is.

I just hope an  Announcement does  get made
this year, for all the work Garth has put in and
for all the fans who are have waited nearly a year,
because we deserved a great Announcement, and
fingers are crossed that Garth will deliver.

Time will tell.

Garth Brooks Announcement

Hey Garth, tt seems for 18 months we have had announcements for
announcements that are going be announced in 4 or 5 weeks.
I'm guessing next week your announcement will be to say an
announcement is coming up, but at this stage you can't yet announce the
announcement of when the announcement will be.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018


He's going to do a  concert at ND University.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Chris Goulding Needs to be Banned

Chris Goulding needs to be banned for
a long period of time, for the Flop that
started a massive Brawl in the Australian
versus  Philippines game.

Goulding has a history of flopping, but
not just in  cruical stages of games, but at
any point of a game.  It's his style of flopping
that causes games to get out of hand, you
just have to  touch Chris Goulding and he
goes down like he's been shot by a German sniper in

He causes more fights than any other player in  the
History of Basketball, and like all gutless cowards who
flops, he can dish it out, but he cant take it.

FIBA needs to take a stand, hell the Australian NBL needs
to take a stand, and stamp out the BS that Chris Goulding does.

Australia was up by 31 points for pete sake, but he still felt the
need to go down in a Oscar winning performance, and now he
has the audacity to claim to be the victim, and the Rhode Scholars
on Twitter are now saying there was ten players on top of him
throwing punches???

Come on now.

It was a disgrace last night and there is only one player to
blame, Chris Goulding.

He needs to be banned, will he?

Time will tell.

Monday, July 2, 2018

One week till July 9th and Garth's Big Announcement

And quite possibly the biggest announcement in the
History of music.

It's certainly the biggest announcement of Garth
Brooks's career.

This is what hes has been talking about for over
a year, and he can finally tell us what it is.

In the words of Garth during the past 12 months.

Bigger than playing on the moon.

Needed Federal Government approval.

Biggest thing he has ever tried.

Game changing for the music industry.

What could it be??

Time will tell.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Garth Brooks Big Announcement July 9th

Garth Brooks big announcement will be made,
July 9th.

It's the biggest thing he has ever been involved with,
and is to do with music and also to do with touring

He needed Federal Government approval for this.

The countdown is on.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The New Zealand Rugby Fan and Media: Hypocritical Ugly and Outright Wrong

There has never been  in the History of sport, a
group of people who have been so Hypocritical,
thinned skinned, precious, ugly and outright

I'm of course talking about the New Zealand
Rugby media and the New Zealand Rugby Fan.

It's been a life time for me, of verbal and sometimes
Physical abuse from Rugby fans, if you dare say anything
less than  "The All Blacks  (All Blacks is the nickname of
the New Zealand rugby team) are the greatest athlete's on
Earth, all hell breaks loose.

Started when I was six, and a teacher told us, that we could
play Soccer, Rounders or Rugby.  As we were leaving the
class room, a friend, said he was going to play  Soccer, I
told him I was going to play Rounders, a kid came from behind,
threw me to the ground and screamed "RUGBY!!!!!!"  then spat
at me.

This blog post would be a War and Peace novel if I listed all the
similar incidents thru out my life.

The mere mention that you like another sport other than Rugby
has the expletives from  Rugby fans flying,  the look of disgust,
the look that you have been brainwashed by other sporting
code if you didn't follow Rugby is beyond belief.

The media has played their part suggesting, for as long as
I can remember, that The All Blacks could play any sport
and make it at the top level, yet the top athlete's from other
codes couldn't even make it in club Rugby.

So after  nearly 50 years of hearing the Rugby Media and
public spout that BullShit, an American Journalist  said and
he was correct, that if NFL players, played Rugby, they would dominate.

The NewZealand media went nuts they lost it, he was doxxed so
New Zealand rugby fans could send him hate mail, he was laughed
at, mocked, abused, yet this is exactly  what our media and public
has always done.

You could ask any New Zealand Rugby fan and they would wrongly tell
you, that the All Blacks are the fastest and strongest and most
well known sport  people on earth.

This is of course wrong,  they couldn't get anywhere near making
the NFL, they don't have the speed of world class sprinters, their
movement skills, their vertical  leap would see them failing to make
it not only in the world's top sporting comps, but other NewZealand
sporting codes.

But I'm sure the NZ Rugby media and public would think, they
could make the Olympic 100 Meter final, beat our National soccer
team,  make it easy into, not just the Nzl Basketball league, but the
NBA, this is the mindset of the Nzl Rugby public.

Yep that is not a typo, the New Zealand Rugby fan would think
a New Zealand Rugby player could make it into the Top  Basketball
League in the World.

Which is why the reaction to  Espn's  NFL story has pissed me
off so much.

Our Rugby media has no right to be angry, they're without a doubt
the biggest Hypocrites  in terms of sporting media on Earth. It's
mindblowing for them to have this reaction, to ridicule a Journo
(Who BTW is correct)  who wrote that NFL players could make it in Rugby
is the height of Hypocrisy.

The thing is, they're wrong, so wrong,  The All Blacks are not
the greatest athlete's on earth, they're aren't even close to being
New Zealand's best athlete's.

Maybe the NewZealand Rugby Fan and Media aren't self aware, or
just don't want to face up to the truth, so they will continue to be
so so Hypocritical on a level that no other fans of a sporting code
have ever been.

They do though need to face facts...

The All Blacks are insignificant on the Global sporting scene.


If the USA took Rugby as seriously as they took  Basketball, if
Europe took Rugby as seriously as they took Soccer, the  All
Blacks would be thrashed by 50 points in every match.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Garth Brooks Big Announcement Is

There is a new album coming (we already knew that)
There will be some new tour dates (we already knew that)
There will be a appearance at the CMA Fest. (we didnt know that)

Thats it.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Garth Brooks Announcement Will Be Made June 4th

Garth Brooks will make his big announcement
on June 4th  (USA Time) on  Studio G.

The long wait is over and all will be revealed.

Not long to go now.

Lets hope it's a good one.

Time will tell.

June 1st and No Announcement from Garth Brooks

In true Garth Brooks fashion,  there was no
announcement from Garth Brooks  on June 1st.

Fans now must wait  till the next Studio G, which
is schedule for June 4th.

If his recent track record stays the same, there may
not be a Studio G on June 4th.

Garth Brooks may of been a marketing Whizz in
the 90's,  but his track record since 2014 in trying
to put huge projects together and failing, would see him fired
from any middle management  job in any firm in the

From Croke Park,  To Ghost Tunes,  to a decent digital
platform, to organize the overseas portion of the world
tour,  now this, what was suppose to be the biggest thing
he has ever done, and been talked about for what seems like
years, may now not  happen.

To call it dead in the water, is unfair, we have to wait till
Monday, but if this thing doesnt happen, then Garth Brooks
seriously has to look at the people he has working for him,
he has to look at his advisors, people he trusts the most,
because they havent got the job done.

Here's hoping this is just a  minor hiccup, and come Monday
he has pulled it off, fingers and toes are crossed.

Time will tell.