Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sydney Siege

Thoughts and wishes go out to those that lost
love ones. Thoughts and wishes go out to those
with loved ones still in Hospital.

For myself the Sydney Siege bought out the best and
worse in people.


The Police who were  calm and collective and then took
action when needed, they need to be praised for
what they did.

The Australian Muslim community, who released
a statement saying Islam is about Peace and they
condone the violence and hostage taking.

The people who used the hashtag, #Illridewithyou
what a wonderful thought and gesture, knowing that
some Muslims may be scared over a backlash.


People who took selfies and drank beer and decided
it would be a good idea to have a hostage party, outside
the cafe.

The racist idiots who blamed all Muslims for this one

The people who tried to stir up trouble for their own
political ideology.


Anjum Rahman the spokesperson for the Islamic
Womans council of New Zealand. She would
have to be the most disingenuous blogger/tweeter
New Zealand has produced over years and is
massively passive aggressive. For Anjum to
tweeted out tweets that shes sending her thoughts,
but to add thoughts to people who are victims of
war and torture was a dig at the west. To turn this
tragic event into her own political views was

She has continued to do this, and has a huge huge
history of doing this.

She should've taken note of her Muslim counterparts
in Australia, but alas no, this was just another opportunity
for her to spout off her precious hatred for the USA.

Here's hoping in such a tragic event,  people would
 forget about their own prejudices and concentrate  on
the event itself.

I anit holding my breath though.

Again thoughts with the people of Australia today.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Garth Brooks Man Against Machine: Review

4.5 Stars.

Brilliant, welcome back to the music industry, Garth!

Garth's first album delivers and then some, its pure
country, its pure Garth, with no Bro Country or
Hick Hop in site.

The title Track "Man against Machine" is a song
about Garth's battles with Itunes and country radio
and is a strong strong message to the Industry that
Garth will do it his way.

Highlights for me, is the song "She Tried of Boys"
lovely country sound and its a sequel to
"That Summer" with the guy being the older lover
this time round.

Rodeo and Juliet is a Western Swing take on the
works of Shakespear.

Mom is the sentimental favorite here, a song where
God explains to a Baby, what a Mom is.

Fish is surly George Strait inspired, about how the
song protagonist gets his life views turned upside by
a fisherman.

All American Kid is a great message about what's
right and the last line  turns it into great song from
a good song.

You Wreck Me, couldve been on any Garth album,
a great tune, a typical Garth song.

Dont want to give too much away about the rest of
the album, lets just say the 14 songs on this album
are some of the best written songs country music
has seen for a long long time.

If your a fan of Garth Brooks, you will love this album.

If your a fan of country music you will love this album.

Hell, if your a fan of music in general you will love it.

Well done Garth, and welcome back.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hoverboards Invented?

Its October 21st in the USA today, if back to the
future was right, it means one more year till hoverboards.

A story doing the rounds, is a kickstarter company called
Hendo has finally invented a worker Hoverboard. that
is due for released in October 2015.

Please tell me this is not another Hoax.

Surly society wouldn't do this to me.

Surly people wouldn't be so cruel.

Please God, let this be real.

Time will tell.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Jeffrey M. Sirois has to go to Jail

The E O Smith girls soccer coach has
to go to jail.

Jeffrey M Sirois is the perv who sent
videos of himself masturbating to his

He said it was accident. But if you have
people on your snapchat that are underaged,
perhaps you should double check, who you
send the video too.

This sicko, needs to go to jail, and go to jail
for a long time.

Heres hoping he will.

Monday, October 20, 2014

I Hair There's more to this story

Kid 15, gets sent home from school for getting a haircut
that is not allowed.

Mother goes to media. Mother and supporters of Mother
rips into the principal on social media.

Trademe message boards says the kid has actually done some
very bad things at school.

Mother says those things were minor.

Let this be a lesson to Journalists.

Although it may sound like a good story...

"Big bad principal kicks out boy for haircut."

There is always more to a story than that. Nothing is black
and white.

Perhaps Journos should think twice before trying to pull
at peoples heartstrings and perhaps parents should think
twice before going public in the media and on social

Just something to think about.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Garth Brooks Album Cover

Garth Brooks is a Genius.

He has one of the most ironic album covers
in music history.

His album titled Man Against Machine is
a commentary on his battle against ITunes
and why Itunes is bad for the music industry.

The  heavily photoshopped Garth looking
staunch, dress in black with shades, is a
huge dig at record labels who try to
promote their artists and the music as
cool, hip and young.

The cover could look like any BRO COUNTRY
cover, when in fact its the Anti Bro Country.

I do hope the media picks up on this, if not now,
Im sure once the album is released they will
realize the album is Pure Garth, and real

Garth is back, and real country is back.

Cant wait till November 11th.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Garth Brooks Man Against Machine

November 11th!

First time Garth has named an album after one
of the songs.

First time, Garth will be available on a digital
platform, he's  with GhostTunes.

Im counting down the days!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Emma Watson

That Guy

 (Pictured is Mark Valley who played Brad
Chase on Boston Legal)

(Reposting this old post, it would appear
that Matt Prokop is a "That Guy" This is
whats happens when "That Guy" is never
told they're wrong and gets handed everything
to them. Thoughts with Sarah Hyland for being
a victim to "That Guy", of course Matt Prokop
would disagree,  "That Guy" always does.)

There is a scene on the programme Boston
Legal, where Alan Shore bursts into a Partner's
meeting as they're about to vote  onwhether Brad
Chase should be become partner.

Alan Shore was incensed that his friend Jerry
Espenson wasn't put up for the position, he 
looked up to the podium and  saw a
cut out of Brad's smiling face, looked at the
partners and says something along the 
lines of  "Does it always have to be that guy?"

That got me thinking, Why is it always that guy?
In every aspect of life, it's always that guy.

It's always that guy who goes to a restaurant,
and gets the best table, and gets the best 
service, and the best piece of steak.

It's always that guy who goes to a store in the mall, he
will get served first, he wont get a smart alec 
shop assistant,  he will get the best customer
service possible.

Coming back from an overseas trip, that guy will fly 
thru customs and not get picked for a routine bag 

Buying Panadol from the chemist,that guy wont get asked for
ID, or the name of his G.P

Getting picked first for a team, whether it be as a
 kid on the sports field, a class room assignment,
 a  project at work, or on some lame reality
tv  show, it's always that guy.

A group of friends having a discussion,
 people will listen to that guy  first.

If different advice is handed out to 
someone in trouble, it's that guys
advice they will take.

Your on a social media site, or at a dinner
party, it's always that guy's jokes that people
will laugh the  hardest at.

If that guy's got the slightest problem in his life
he will have a army of people, giving him
sympathy and telling him he's special, and every
issue in his life, is blown into a war and peace novel.

Heaven help you, if you don't like that guy, because I'm
afraid in life, it's all about him.

That guy doesn't even have any negative syndrome
 name after him, if your short, you have short guy syndrome,
if your fat, you have fat guy syndrome, if your ugly you
have ugly guy syndrome, if you write a negative blog you
have bitter guy syndrome, if you complain about that guy
you have jealous guy syndrome,  according to 
another blogger there is a  "privilege denying guy", and 
of course there is "nice guy syndrome", they are the 
worst guys of the lot apparently, but that Guy doesn't
have a  negative syndrome, because he is that guy.

Can someone please please  tell me, why does it always have
to be that guy, or about that guy? Why is it always him?, he does
nothing special, others do better, but its always him, isn't it?

Like I said this post was written from seeing an old Boston
Legal clip, and a couple of incidents that went thru my
head after seeing that Boston legal clip. I have never figured
it out, why it  always have to be about that guy, like I said in
a previous post, this  post is not earth shattering, it's not
powerful and has no overbearing message, I just need to
know, why is it always about that guy, and why is it always
that guy?

Can someone tell me?

In a couple of days time, I will write about the other guy.
He deserves some thinking about to, I'm guessing that 
guy will disagree.